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January 27, 2007

I have decided that my children are the most courageous people that I have ever known. Every morning I set them off into their world as true minorities at their schools. Both of my children are Asian….one was born in Seoul, Korea and the other in Kyzyl, Tuva. They look enough alike for people to ask if they are ‘real’ brother and sister. I used to go into the ‘two parts of the world’ litany. Now I just reply that ‘now they are!’ Of course they are real brother and sister. They fight with one another constantly. My daughter has a more generous nature than her brother and we have to constantly watch that it’s not taken advantage of. They play games together. They share funny things they have found on the computer with one another. But they also have a tremendous amount of courage.
We have tried to raise them with nationality in mind. One is very, very proud of her Russian heritage and loves to hear about it. The other has shown very little interest in anything Korean. He is more interested in China and Israel……and Russia. He doesn’t like to be different…..and yet maneuvers in a world where he is very different just by being there. I wish there were more Asians for him to interact with. One summer I took them for skating lessons at a rink closer to a bigger city. It dawned on me, as I sat in the bleachers watching them on the ice, that for the first time in their lives they were actually in the majority. Of the maybe 100 kids on the ice, only 10 of them were non-Asians. The funny thing is, they never even noticed.

Our federal government has decreed that all public school classrooms must do something to acknowledge Martin Luther King’s birthday. I think the biggest testament to Dr. King is that it is the adults the worry about this. In my classroom, with 1 Arabic student, 1 Hispanic student and 15 white students of various shades….no one had a clue to what I was trying to say about discrimination. In order to celebrate the abolishment of racial discrimination….we have to TEACH racial discrimination. Go figure.

Fathers and Sons

January 27, 2007

I told them months ago that this would be ‘their project’. I have been involved in book reports and country projects and regions projects and Science Olympiad projects and Scout projects since the dawn of my parenthood. This ‘energy transference’ thing for 7th grade Science class was ALL theirs. What a hoot. I keep getting called in for advice. I have dug through sewing stuff for embroidery floss. I donated a part from my sewing machine. I have run interference to maintain calm and order. I have cooled hot tempers. In the end I know it will be worth it. In the meantime, I fear for the white tile that covers my dining table. Wonder how many will be cracked this time?

The Planets are Alligned

January 25, 2007

I just want to bottle it. All of her enthusiasm. All of her joy. Everything is so very RIGHT with her world right now. She was chosen Kindergarten Safety helper of the month. She wore a skirt to school for the first time since picture day in first grade and no one laughed. The curlers she sleeps on leave these gorgeous black ringlets cascading down her back. Jamie brought hockey sticks to play with in the morning while they wait for school to start. She has gotten TWO 100% on Spelling tests in the last month. She has a part in the drama club play with THREE WHOLE LINES! Her soccer team is headed for the National Indoor finals in another month. Fractions are killing us but that’s okay…as long as she tries her hardest. And best of all, a friend ‘complemented’ her in the lunch room by telling her that she was popular….and not like the mean popular girls in the movies…”because she is nice and friendly to EVERYone ALL of the time.” Like I said before, I would love to bottle this time so I can pour it out on those angsty days that lie ahead of us. All that enthusiasm. All that sheer joy. These are beautiful days for my beautiful daughter.

The Year Begins

January 2, 2007

There are many thoughts on my mind as the year 2007 begins. It’s January 2nd. 9:33 am. My children are still sleeping in various positions on the couch and in the Lazy Boy. Report cards and mid year Kindergarten testing are looming. Saddam Hussein is dead. The war lingers on….and that bothers me tremendously. ‘Super Nanny’ was good last night. So glad I don’t have twins. The Red Wings are winning. Hope my sister and her family make it home safely from their Disney World vacation. Wish we could have gone with them. Will they be able to get me some more Mr. Potato Head stuff from Down Town Disney. Time to take the dog out. Wonder where Maura Tierney spent the holidays. Is there any money in my checking account. What cereal shall we have for……lunch. Will I be able to get my new DVD recorder working at last. Has anyone reviewed my posted fanfictions today. How many loads of laundry will I have to do. Back to school tomorrow. Sigh. Petty and important stuff from my world to yours. Happy New Year.