When I was eight years old, my parents left my sister and I with Aunt Cleo to spend a week in New York. They were participating in a reunion of my dad’s WWII army division, the Golden Acorn 87th. When they came home my mom was full of tales of cab drivers that cursed one another, buildings so tall they blocked the sun from the streets, the Statue, the UN building, the World’s Fair, wonderful people, the hustle and bustle and exciting sights. My little head was fairly bursting and filled with a longing to see the city myself. I read everything I could about the city…every fictional kids’ book I could get my hands on that was set in old New York and new New York. Anyone ever read ‘The Magic Tunnel’? I think mine was tattered to shreds.

As I grew, so did my desire. When I became enamored with play writing and theater as a pre-teenager, it blossomed even more. The fact that Broadway, Off Broadway and Off Off Broadway were in NYC made it even more enticing. Only a short plane hop away, right? But, always, always ‘life’ stepped in to divert time…and money…. elsewhere. My children have learned to love Chicago, as it is a city closer to us. It’s their ultimate vacation spot. My husband rankles at the thought of crowded streets and traffic jams. But my heart still longs for the streets of New York…..just once.
Last week my younger sister , who – ironically – has never wanted to visit there, came home from chaperoning her daughter’s high school band trip…to New York. Heh. Pay backs for her childhood ‘enlightenment’ to the existence of Santa and the Easter Bunny, no doubt. She came home with tales of crowded streets, hustle and bustle, flowers in street stands, buildings so tall they blocked the sun from the sidewalks, tributes to the life changing 9/11, astounding architecture, testy food, tour guides with sass and memories of a life time. Sigh.
And so the pictures are hers….and readily shared with me. But there is still hope for my ultimate vacation after all. My daughter’s scout troop is contemplating next year’s end of the year event as a ‘weekend in New York’. Loose in New York with a gaggle of 12 year olds? I will be SO there as a prospective chaperone. Till then….and I know it’s trite but…..give my regards to Broadway!

Update….The troop decided that a weekend in Chicago was the way to go. Still had a great time though. I think that I am a TOTAL city bird!

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