The ‘Still’ Facts Are….

1. There is still a lot of sand on Daytona Beach.

2. The afore mentioned sand will still find it’s way into every available orafice when you are playing in the waves on shore.

3. Some people (namely me) are still afraid of shark attacks.

4. Some people (namely my daughter) are still not afraid of shark attacks…or rip tides…or sunburn.

5. The Daytona Drive In Church is still a pleasant way to enjoy a worship service.

6. Sonic still makes the greatest popcorn chicken and cherry/lime slushes in the world.

7. The Daytona Flea Market is still a great way to spend an hour or two….or three.

8. I still can’t find the captioning mode on the television remote that Pop…still…rules with an iron fist.

9. Driving for two days in a car with a mileage obsessed creature who abhors potty stops because they take time that you didn’t know you had married is still…not fun.

10. My mother’s continued recovery from the health issues of a horrendous last summer is still a miracle!

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