Insomnia……Thy Name is Exhaustion

I am exhausted. Totally, inexplicably exhausted. So why am I wide awake writing this? We started back to school today after a week long spring break. I had three classes of very excited second graders who could not get the words out fast enough for what they had done over break. Set them to work writing 10 sentences about their vacation in Microsoft Word to use for an assessment next week. Gotta make sure they know how to maneuver their way around fonts changes, font size changes, font color changes and inserting pictures. Short lunch break spent wolfing down a toasted tuna sandwich and cucumber slices in between bucking up the Music Teacher/Community Theater Director I am helping with a production that opens on Friday. Several actors still haven’t gotten their lines down….sufficiently. Sets have not be completed. He is getting nervous and needed reassurance. After lunch there were four classes of fourth graders who slipped in to the lab and became total Power Point Gurus as we explored the ‘action button’ process. Heh. And they thought ‘custom animation’ was fun. In between classes I fielded no less than 30 emails regarding a tree bagging ‘event’ to take place tomorrow. 750 pine seedlings need to be bagged, tagged and twist tied so students can take them home on Wednesday in celebration of Earth Day. Someone ‘forgot’. Guess who is going on on her day off – which was supposed to be spent painting Max and Ruby on little girl underwear more on that later…heh – to organize and oversee the assembly lines manned by enthusiatic 4th graders to get the job done? Heh. That is AFTER I meet with the producers eager to show me the work they have done editing the cable show on literacy we taped a few weeks back. Immediately after school we picked up a take out dinner and went to rehearsal where my kiddos learned the ropes of being ‘back stage crew’ and I finished painting faux gravestones and stressed over costumes. I took pictures of 50+ cast members that need to be printed, autographed and laminated. Or was that printed laminated and then autographed?? In and out of this activity was an ongoing argument with the Royal Prince regarding a Junior National Honor Society induction ceremony tomorrow night – for which we are skipping play rehearsal, soccer practice and a clarinet lesson to attend. He has suddenly decided that he doesn’t want to go…to participate…to be inducted. Sheesh.

But I know we will go and he will participate. He will be inducted. 750 pine trees will be bagged, tagged and taken home to be planted so we can have more options for cleaner air. Pictures will be printed and autographed and hung. The play will happen on Friday and the sets will be done. The lines will be learned and the costumes will be okay. The Kindys will love the books we will read on Wednesday in class and the 5th graders will become Power Point Gurus as they explore the ‘action button’ process. As for me…..well….. think I will sleep in on Saturday. Unless we have an early soccer game.

It is only Monday, right?

Welcome to MY life. What’s new in yours?

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One Comment on “Insomnia……Thy Name is Exhaustion”

  1. marymurtz Says:

    My God, I’m exhausted just reading that. Take some NyQuil, woman, and go to sleep!!!

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