I Told You So…..

The ‘Mom Talk’ on the way to school had to do with many things. ‘If at first you don’t suceed……being proud of what you have accomplished….since we are not rich, college means scholarships and this is ONE more thing for that particular application….and finally ‘you are a role model for all of those 7th graders who did not make it in this year either…and if you DON’T want to be their role model then I am ashamed of you…..’ Heh. I insisted that he go to the practice…and swore that I would call the school during 2nd hour to make sure he was there….and THEN if he found it unbearable he could make the decision not to go.

I was in the principal’s office of my school getting a piece of candy for a job well done (remember the 750 white pine seedlings that needed to be bagged??) when he walked in. I casually asked if we were going tonight and he nodded ever so slightly. My boss asked where we were going and he didn’t want to tell her. She dragged it out of him that he was being inducted into the National Junior Honor Society. Her mouth dropped open. “That’s like a really big thing,” she said. “You know that right?” He just nodded. I am not sure I am liking this ‘ultra cool, let’s not get excited about anything, 14 year old’ stage. But it was cool…and sweet and inspiring. There were candles being lit, pledges being said, certificates handed out and he even had fun. He actually admitted it. Heh. Oh…and there is another ‘ryte of passage’ on our agenda. He has been invited to his first boy/girl party Saturday night and he actually WANTS to go? I am SO not ready for this……..

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