There are days…..

There are moments…and days when I really love my children. I mean really, really REALLY love them. Today just happened to be one of them. DH was at work. We got out of bed and dashed across town – an hour away – for a soccer game. Nary an argument from either of them. Okay…maybe one about a misplaced sock. Her team won. We headed home and stopped at one of MY favorite restaurants for lunch. It happens to be one of their favorites as well but that doesn’t matter. I even sprung for the big dessert to share.
Then we headed to the BIG book store. I gathered an arm full of books and settled in a cozy corner chair to peruse my selections. They left me alone. For 45 whole MINUTES!! They came with several book choices of their own and were pleasantly surprised when I agreed. Rare occasion when we agree about that stuff. I tend to shy away from fandom soccer things. We have too much of that littering bedroom floors as it is. They disappeared again for 20 more minutes. Fifty five dollars later we headed home. All of us sated and happy. And there were cards in the mail inviting us to the middle school awards event. Both are receiving awards this year. Did I mention that I love my children?

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