What a heartbreaking day…..

I didn’t work today. Well…I did several loads of laundry…loaded the dishwasher….vacummed….mundane stuff. I should have been grading the MOUNDS of papers I have in my backpack. I planned to. Really. Instead I have been riveted to my computer gleaning news about a family I have never even met. Celebrity Baby Blog (okay…I go there to see what’s up with Angelina and her crew…and to ponder exactly what purpose Tori Spelling serves in the entertainment biz??) had the news of the tragedy in Steven Curtis Chapman’s family. I went immediately to his family web site – and I subscribe to his video blog as well. The loss of their youngest child, a just turned five year old and one of his three ‘China Angels’, had been killed in an accident in their very own driveway. Just hours after a family celebrated their oldest daughter’s engagement and before another celebration of a son’s high school graduation. I can’t get my mind off of this. So unbearably sad.

Adopting a baby from China had been their eldest daughter’s idea. After adopting Shaohannah, the entire Chapman Family was driven to do more for the children in need of families in China. They adopted twice more, bringing home Stevey Joy and Maria Sue. SCC gushes with pride and joy about his family at every opportunity….at every concert. He is a ridiculously adorable doting Dad. He has taken his family to China to do mission work in the orphanages there. Because of my own connection with international adoption, I read about their ‘Shaohannah’s Hope’ foundation that provides financial aid to families wishing to adopt shortly after they formed it. I have seen blog posted pictures of their crazy play dates with other families who have adopted their own ‘angels.’ I remember chuckling a bit as I watched their youngest bouncing on the bed as she sang a song to their blog audience, thinking that she had the energy level of my own daughter. I remember thinking ‘God help those poor souls!’ LOL And He certainly did.
The Chapman Family has been very, very blessed to have had God lead them to Maria Sue. And she has been blessed that God brought them to her. Even for such a short time. My heart goes out to all of them right now. Losing a little one so full of life and joy at such a precious time in their life is truely heartbreaking. So give the child in your life a hug today….in remembrance of Maria Sue.

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One Comment on “What a heartbreaking day…..”

  1. marymurtz Says:

    Oh, I know…this just wrecked me to read this morning in an email from a friend. I found a bunch of photos of my husband with my daughter and posted them on my blog. I just can’t think about this without weeping.

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