And how was YOUR day?

At a message board I visit, people were comparing the activities of their days. Dentist visits, shoe shopping, college classes, writing all fit in somewhere. Here is a rundown of what MY days have been like this week…..every day.

8 am Wake up kiddos and ask if they want breakfast
8:10 Chocolate chip pancakes in the pan and onto plates
8:20 Jump in shower
8:30 Dry/curl hair, dress
8:40 Jump in car to drive princess to band camp
9:00 Drop Princess off at the middle school
9:20 Buy a Gatorade at the market for Prince, coax/reassure/humiliate him that he does NOT suck at soccer, remind him that he is playing with kids 2,3 and 4 years OLDER.
9:45 Sit in front of high school soccer field to wait for someone for him to walk in with so he doesn’t feel like a ‘dweeb’.
10:00 Watch Prince saunter to soccer field with other freshman dweebs for a ‘volunteer’ Soccer practice.
10:30 Sit in a hot car at the middle school parking lot to watch Princess march with middle schoolers practicing for a holiday parade.
10:37 Smile/wave/take pictures/wipe away sweat streaming down face.
10:45 Smile/wave…again…as band comes back up the parkinglot drive.
10:49 Read new favorite novel.
11:00 Pick up Princess and a friend from Band Camp
11:03 Listen and nod aimlessly to a discussion about who is ‘hotter’ – Josh Hutcherson or the kid with the drum.
11:04 Listen to them hoot when I say that I am hotter because I was sitting in the car.
11:15 Drop friend off at home. Chat with friend’s mom.
11:30 Drive to high school to retrieve Prince while singing along with Princess’ new favorite Faith Hill song.
11:33 Count blessings that it is Faith HIll and not Miley Cyrus….again.
11:47 Sit in hot car waiting for Prince and watching Princess flirt with a school friend who is taking a tennis lesson. Wipe away more sweat.
11:50 Sit up straight and wipe away more sweat with the sudden realization that she KNOWS how to flirt.
12:00 Watch Prince saunter off soccer field with older high school soccer friends. No longer a dweeb….for now.
12:04 Try – in vain – to get Prince to recount how practice went.
12:30 Take Prince and Princess swimming/bowling/movies/driving range for ‘fun’. Spend too much money. Read a few more pages of new favorite novel when they aren’t looking.
3:30 Return home. Relax and read mail.
3:32 Smile when Prince says he did really, really good as a goalie during practice. Refrain from saying ‘I told you so.’
3:35 Remind Prince of ‘no television’ rule, tell Princess ‘later’ when she asks to ride her bike ‘a little while’.
3:38 Ignore Prince’s whine/argument about the ‘no television’ rule.
3:45 Start dinner meal for HRH. Recount everything done for ‘them’ when there is argument about setting table for dinner.
3:55 Demand that SOMEONE set the damn table.
3:57 Tell Princess she may NOT ride her bike to the ‘little store’ until tomorrow. Respond to Prince’s argument/whine about ‘no television’ rule.
3:58 Ignore the slam of a door as Prince goes to his room.
3:59 Tell Princess she may NOT ride her bike around the block right now….even though she did set the table.
4:00 Kiss HRH as he comes in the door.
4:05 Pitch dinner at HRH’s head when he dares to say, “It must be nice to be on summer vacation.”

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One Comment on “And how was YOUR day?”

  1. Klondike Kate Says:

    OMG – That’s the funniest thing I’ve read in a long while!!! I so appreciate your honesty and humor!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. It’s been a long time since I posted. It’s been tough lately and when I feel like blogging it’s when things are rough. And I’m worried about being judged. So I don’t blog.

    Maybe I’ll take a clue from you and get back into it.

    Thanks again for some much needed humor! =-)

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