Two days ago they couldn’t wait to show me the compressions around their wrists from being hand cuffed. There was all kinds of talk about ‘pressure points’ and ‘take down methods’ on the way home. When I picked them up yesterday there were six – no maybe eight – police cars in the parking lot….lights a’flashing. There were 41 7th and 8th graders in their navy blue tees/shorts uniform swarming over the cars, rotating through various traffic stop scenarios. WAY cool. Next week they get to drive through the vehicle training field in golf carts, will do a crime scene investigation and learn to brush for finger prints, travel with the marine unit on a local lake and have a ‘graduation’ ceremony. THIS was the summer activity that was designed with MY kid in mind.

My kid who was a Three Musketeers fanatic at 5 and was D’Artagnian for Halloween that year. My kid who – as a first grader – insisted that his US Marshal costume would NOT be complete without a real bullet proof vest….something accomplished with a piece of blue quilted material, bias tape and ‘magic’ stuff inside that was ‘guaranteed to stop bullets.’ He has wanted to be a police officer for as long as I can remember. He’s lost that goal in recent years. In 5th grade he decided that society would be better served if he were a professional soccer player and sports writer. As an 8th grader he had lost that vision entirely. Doesn’t know what he wants to be. But hopefully this first ever Youth Police Academy in our community will get him back on track toward SOMEthing.

Lordy but I would HATE to be a kid in this day and age trying to find their way. So many things to choose from. So many things to block the way. I just hope he is happy with whatever he does. Oh, and that he will be able to give his old Mom a break when she is caught going too fast down some obscure dirt road…which is where I tend to get MY speeding tickets. Heh.

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3 Comments on “Decisions….decisions….”

  1. marymurtz Says:

    What a great program for kids! Sounds like he’s going through a natural stretch of questioning; hopefully this experience will set him back on track.

  2. Jan Says:

    Hey there! I love your new blog colors. Am I mis-reading your title…it says “Ryer” instead of “Ryter.” I love your post on the concert – what an amazing experience. You guys are having a fabulous summer! JAN

  3. Ryter Says:

    Thanks for catching that Jan. I was trying a new heading and had to go back to the old one…. : )

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