Big Busy Three Days

The Princess will be 13 in another week. First it was a skateboard ramp….and then it was a rip stick…..and she finally settled for a new bike. A motocross bike. Like the one she flipped over at camp. Which is now sporting a broken back brake cover after just one day ’cause we gave it to her early and she was crowded into a skid by a car going too fast on a dirt road. Scraped knee….BIG time…..lots of tears….but Dad fixed it all and a new cover is on it’s way from the manufacturer. And THIS is what 53 looks like. Finally. There were 15 of us. Dinner was great. The song and horns were obnoxious. And oh so much fun. Sometimes it’s a good thing that my birthday comes first. Hee….. My son, the Youth Police Academy graduate. His team of ten students – one of four – took the Best Teamwork medal tonight. He has learned to take finger prints, dusted for finger prints, driven a golf cart on a traffic school course, participated in simulated traffic stops, practiced criminal take down methods, done a crime scene investigation, practiced shooting fire arms on a simulator, observed a K-9 drug busting unit in action, and on and on and on. I think it was the highlight of his very busy summer!

And NOW the dog is at Puppy Camp, the car is packed, the ipods are charged and we are OFF to Boston for a week!

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One Comment on “Big Busy Three Days”

  1. Jan Says:

    Wow – so much info in one post! I love the policy acadmey idea – I will definitely have to keep that in mind for Michael. Have a great time in bean-town!

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