Time Marches On……

The First day of schol…er…um WEEK of school has passed. For years….well, minus two when I had to be at work and DH didn’t remember the camera….we have taken pictures on the front steps as we have gone out the door for the very first day. Princess is going to hate this year’s one day. Since Prince was off to his first day in high school and had to be at school 90 minutes before her, she chose to sleep in till we left. Hence the bed head and pajama tops. Hence the dark sky in the background. It was freaking EARLY! So now we have a new morning routine. I am up at 4:30am when HRH leaves for work. I answer email, write, do lesson plans, fold laundry etc. until waking the Prince at 5:30. He showers. I shower and dress, make lunches, load the dishwasher, start more laundry, etc. He dresses, gathers his school things and we are out the door at 6:45am…..after I have woken her up. While I am gone, she showers, dresses and packs her back pack. I return, after dropping him off at the high school, have breakfast with her and we leave for school. I drop her off at 8:10 am and then drive next door to my school – 45 minutes early.

I am actually liking this morning routine. It gives me some much needed one on one time with each of them and extra morning time in my classroom. When the weather changes we may have to adjust things a bit. Princess will likely have to give up her beauty sleep but she’s okay with that. We found a bagel shop between the high school and middle school drive. They are doing well. HE is handling high school like a trooper. His favorite classes are Algebra II and Economics. Math??? Coulda hit me with a ton of bricks. I NEVER saw that one coming. SHE is liking being the only one at the middle school and hates Social Studies and Math. I am just melancholy for the good old days sometimes. The days we all went to the same place at the same time. This one is from first and third grade. Back when they would let ME pick out their clothes…..sigh.

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One Comment on “Time Marches On……”

  1. marymurtz Says:

    Man, you are so organized, I’m in awe!

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