A Simple Woman MeMe

Found this at Jenn’s site.  Easy post….for a complicated weekend

Outside My Window…..it’s early morning, dark and freezing cold.

I am thinking….about theater.  We saw two vastly different high school plays this weekend.  ‘Seussical the Musical’ was simply stunning in it’s craftsmanship.  ‘Grease’ was typical high school….not quite up to snuff….not even really enjoyable.  Why is that?
I am thankful for…..every single day…..with all the frustrations and busy-ness and joy.  We are so lucky to have jobs, healthy kids, gas in our car, clean water to drink and food in the fridge.
From the kitchen……loaded and locked for a Thanksgiving food fest.  We are staying home this year.  Together.  I think.
I am wearing……my favorite warm nightie.  Told ja it was early!
I am creating….nothing at the moment.  Need to get some yarn though.  Told ja it was cold!
I am going…..to church this morning.  I am DETERMINED to get to church.
I am reading……’Twilight’….the first book the Princess has read cover to cover on her own and she wants to go to the movie.  Gotta see what the ‘magic’ is in vampire love….
I am hoping…..to get my 500+ report cards done with a minimal amount of stress and distress in the coming 2 weeks.
I am hearing….nothing but head noise.  Told ja it was early morning.
Around the house…..stacks and stacks of things we are interested in but haven’t the patience or drive to put away.
One of my favorite things…….these days?  Driving in the car and embarassing my kiddos by singing along with every favorite Christmas song I could fit on a cd mix.  Aww…come on.  Everyone loves ‘Dominique the Donkey”…right?
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week…..one day of school and then a massive cooking/baking fest that I plan to enjoy every second of!
A picture to share…Don’t know why but I became a total cloud freak this summer.  Picture after picture of clouds. This is my favorite.  I snapped it in Gettysbug, PA while on vacation this summer.


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2 Comments on “A Simple Woman MeMe”

  1. KC Says:

    I hear ya on the loaded fridge. I’m sliding things in any gap I can find. I’ve just made my first dish of Cooking Insanity: Cranberry sauce with tart cherries and cloves. One down. 5,000 to go.

  2. Janice Says:

    Hey! I know I haven’t posted a blog for a while so I made two posts tonight, and then I wanted to check out what you guys have been up to, and I find out you switched to WordPress. What do you think of it?? Why did you switch?? We have alot to catch up on! Jot me a line when you have a minute. janrylee2@gmail.com.

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