It’s Out There…

I teach Technology in a huge elementary school.  My students range from Kindergarten to 5th graders.  We learn the parts of the computer and what they do, login/logout, play with interactive learning materials, create/edit/file Word documents,  develop power point presentations, engage in web searches for information, etc. etc. etc.


I love my job. 


It’s creative and fun and a wonderful excuse to sit in front of a computer all ding dang day. 


In October my 5th graders wrote letters to the Presidential candidates about their most pressing issues.  They also created Halloween themed menus that I am sure made their parents….um….proud.  In November my second graders did a whole group web search for turkey facts and then created posters with that information.  My 3rd thru 5th graders wrote letters to our veterans for Veterans’ Day, thanking them for their sacrifice in the name of our peaceful country.  Last week my 3rd graders wrote to individual Kindy students as if they were an elf, encouraging them to stay on Santa’s good kid list. (The Kindy Teachers loved them.  They even put their red and green padded envelopes with ‘Elf Mail’ stamps in the freezer so they would be ‘North Pole cold’ when the kids got them.  Too cute…)  All the while my students have been inserting pictures and borders, changing fonts/sizes/colors and creating watermarks behind their writing.




It’s also part of my job to teach internet safety skills.  My kiddos are not allowed to go onto search engines that are not deemed ‘child friendly.’  They are also not allowed to explore You Tube at school because of it’s grossly random inappropriateness.  Even though I know they do it at home.  So I do it for them at school.  When it’s difficult to settle them, I can flip on a video about ‘Christian the Lion’ or funny cats/babies/dogs or ‘Food Court Musical’ and I have them in the palm of my hand.


Today – on my lunch break –  I found this one.  I was looking for an example of ‘stop action filmography.’  I sat there and giggled like an idiot.  For someone who is stressing about finishing 521 report cards by midnight on Sunday, it was a welcome relief.  For someone who feels herself slipping into her regular holiday induced deep dark depression, it was a God send.  Let’s hear it for break dancing Santas!  Jingle..jingle…jingle!!

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