I am so confused.  521 report cards…done.  Morphing project?  Chemical reaction vs chemical ‘properties’?  Holiday dance?  She wants to wear a DRESS?  No one is missing the Christmas tree?  What do you mean you have no clue where the ‘enter’ button is?  Secret Santa thing starts WHEN?  Work out room?  What work out room?    The fundraiser thingy is needed WHEN?  Christmas cards!  Power Points with custom animation??  See those reindeer fly!  Where do you find a dress for the holiday dance for a maybe kid size 12 or junior size extra small with absolutely nothing to fill the…uh…cups?  And still get her to soccer practice on time?  www.freerice.com  So whose big bright idea was it to choose FOUR item stars from the school ‘Giving Candle’ for needy families?  Okay…so it was mine.  Fish shaped fish sticks.  Staff party Saturday night.  Family party Saturday afternoon.  Shoes?  Black shoes for the band concert!!!  Homework…. fix dinner…. gas the car.  Hey! Only $1.50 a gallon today!!!  They were doing WHAT with the rubber balls at the Secret Santa shop??  It’s snowing.  And raining.  Again.  Weary.  Oh so very weary….and so very confused.

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