Happy Holidays!

It’s a quarter after ten at night.  The snow is waist high outside our door and it’s in the minus degrees with the windchill figured in.  Every stinking little gift – down to the mini tennis balls we bought for the dog –  is wrapped and ready to be loaded into the truck.  I am waiting for my jeans to dry so I can pack them into the suitcase.  HRH is dragging us out of bed at 3 am to start our 800 mile road trip to my sister’s in South Carolina.  My kiddos have actually packed shorts for the trip.  Does that make them ‘positive thinkers’ or just certifiably nuts?  I can’t decide.

We celebrated Hanukkah with my stepdaughter’s family on Saturday.  Good food.  Good company.  Good conversations.  Lots of kids and lots of wrappings.  Couldn’t ask for more.  The twin baby dolls for the twins were a hit.   Apparently they haven’t put them down.

We did the UAW family party on Sunday.  HRH was Santa again.  It’s become our holiday tradition.  Yes…that’s right.  For one night a year I get to sleep with Santa Claus!  Can’t quite figure out how to crop and post the polaroids from this year’s party.  You’ll have to settle for last year’s.  It’s one of my favorites anyway.   Have a wonderful holiday…..where ever you are!  May you be warm and warm hearted!


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