What they don’t know…….

Tried a new soup here today.  Cauliflower Soup.    Found the recipe on www.thepioneerwoman.com.  Read it this morning as I was contemplating going outside into our 8 degree weather to take the Prince to school.  Told the royals that we were having vegetable soup for dinner.  Hedged around when the Prince asked what kind of vegetables.  Heh.  Tricky mom.  I told him only the things I know he likes.  He wasn’t even suspicious. 

Made a pit stop at the 24 hour grocery store on the way home.  Yeah…like I would have a fresh cauliflower in my fridge?  Get outta here.  Had to kind of throw it all together tonight but you know what?  It was DEE-licious!  Flat out…DELICIOUS.  And yummy for the tummy as four inches of snow is starting to fall outside our front door.

And…..shhhhhh………don’t tell…..but I made a few changes.  I don’t even keep white flour in the house so I used my whole wheat stuff.  Didn’t have whole milk on hand so I used the soy milk left over from trying my fledging vegetarian friend, Mary’s, peanut sauce with couscous.  Used the left over vegetable broth (instead of chicken)  from the same cooking project as well.   I am not telling though.  All those veggies in one bowl of soup?  And they LIKED it??? 

What they don’t know just ain’t going to hurt them….right?

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2 Comments on “What they don’t know…….”

  1. Pam/Wordgirl Says:

    That’s so funny — the same thing happened to me…I had some in the fridge — I thought hmnnn… and I made a version of it with curry — and it was really good — and W ate it like nobody’s business….of course I served it with a side of crusty bread — and so, like his dad, he could live on bread alone…

  2. Janice Says:

    Yumm. I will check out the recipe! I love Pioner Woman’s Blog, and the website RecipeZaar – it’s the best.

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