100_07301She got a wonderful gift on Christmas morning at my sister’s this year.  As my daughter was tighting the wheel thingys (trucks?) on her new skateboard in South Carolina, a friend of mine called from Michigan to tell us that they were GIVING her a snowboard, bindings and boots.  Hand me downs of the very best kind.  They come from my friend’s sons. …two boys that she admires a lot.   A gift of the very best kind.

We brought them home from school on Monday.  Poor kid was stuck in my classroom  until 5:30 while I finished a project.  She was calm and rational on the drive home.  She chatted amiably about school and homework and who is ‘going with’ whom.  She dutifully carried everything  from the car inside ….and our lives have not been the same since.  Seriously.

Tomorrow night she is joining the school ski club for an evening on the slopes.  For the very first time.  Tonight we stopped by the local ski lodge to see if a helmet could be rented since this is kind of short notice.  It can.  She has been absolutely beside herself.

She has been wearing the boots every evening for the past three days, testing them out and  seeing how many pairs of socks will make the boots fit comfortably(5).  She spent about 40 minutes tonight going up and down a wee little hill in our backyard…until she tired of taking the board off and climbing 8 feet and redoing them again.  The bindings have been adjusted.  Outdoor clothing gathered.  Hopes built high.  She can NOT wait.  I know that she envisions herself at the top of the highest hill – careening down at break neck speed with her heart pounding and a big old grin on her face.

As for me…well….. I envision black eyes, twisted ankles, dislocated hips and broken bones.  The same sort of thing I envisioned as she conquered her first two wheeler, her first diving platform, her first roller blades and her first skateboard.  The kind of thing I saw when I watched her scale her first rock wall at six…like a little monkey and straight to the top. 

This is not a child who is afraid of risks.  She lives life wide open.  Bungee jumping…sky diving….rock climbing….every wild and imaginable thing is just a new challenge she anticipates.  Nothing to fear.  Something new to try.  Something new to conquer. 

And tomorrow we conquer…….the bunny hill.

You GO, girl!

Thank you Buffy, Rich, Cameron and Jamie…..I think.

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3 Comments on “Visions”

  1. Darcy Says:

    VERY cool! Have her call me when she gets home tonight. I wanna hear all about it. Wonder if it’ll be the same as skate boarding?????

  2. Pam/Wordgirl Says:

    What a wonderful spirit she has! To me, that’s a sign of the best kind — that she feels so secure and safe in her world that this exploration is fun and natural…how beautiful!

    W is a snowboarder — he started a few years ago — when he was six, I think — and at first I was nervous…but they pick it up so quickly — and he loves it!



  3. Mary Engle Says:

    This sounds so cool! I’m so excited for her, and you. I remember when my girls started skiing. I know, different from snow boarding, but hitting the slopes just the same. It will be a blast and I’m sure she is a quick learner. Besides “mom”, don’t ya know that little girls bounce?! 🙂 Enjoy!

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