Bunny hill? Pfffft….

Ran into an old, old friend at the ski lodge.  We sat and chatted for a good long while.  When I finally trekked – precariously – out to the bunny hill, the Princess was no where to be found.  She found ME about 10 minutes later.  Bunny hill?  Pffft.  SHE was boarding on the BIG hill….where the ski lift was.  With permission from her instructor.  He wanted to know what the heck she was doing in a level 1 class.  LOL.  So I sent her to the top so I could see her snowboard.  Heh.  She did a ‘180’….and a ‘grind’….not the skill of a ‘beginner’ , I was told.   And we had to have a bolt replaced on her binding already.   Sheeesh.  She can’t WAIT to go again. 

As for me, I splurged in wrist guards….for her…tonight.   And on Saturday we go shopping for a helmet.  Like I said…black eyes…twisted ankles….dislocated hips….broken bones…….

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