I tried…I REALLY did.  I was going to post something every single day in 2009.  Seriously.  But it’s been two days since I have been here.  Shucks.  Good thing I didn’t say “officially’ that I was going to post every day.  Instead of playing on my computer I have been sitting at a ski lodge watching my Princess go up and down and up and down.  Not that I am all that adverse to joining her on the…heh…bunny hill.  I just don’t fall that well.  Wait a minute….I FALL just fine.  It’s the getting up again that is the problem.  Just ask anyone……  100_0749

And so there is this one.  She doesn’t have any problem geting up.  In fact, she tells me that she doesn’t….fall.  I beg to differ.   I know she does.  I have the videos to prove it.  But I also have video proof that she is a study in grace on the ski slopes.  Graceful and sure as she flies down the slopes. 

And it’s the fascination with watching that part of her that has kept me from posting here.  Dang but I wish I had some of her adventurous spirit.

It must be SO nice to see the world as one huge playground.  Sigh…..

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One Comment on “Dagnabbit!”

  1. Janice Says:

    Wow. The Princess really is a gifted athlete. What does the Prince do while she is on the slopes? Lynda – don’t stress out about not posting every single day – I enjoy reading your work whenever you post. No worries!! 🙂

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