One of those days…..

It was -11 degrees this morning.  I TOLD her to wear a coat.  Did she do it??  NOooo.  Snuck out to the car in a sweathirt and jeans.  The highway was slippery with black ice.  The news station said it would be.  Took us longer than we had planned to get to the high school.  He got out , muttered something incomprehensible and shut the door.  Apparently almost fifteen is not able to speak in complete sentences any more.  I had to pump  gas…and then stop at the all night grocery for lunch stuff for her.  Brrr.  Minus 11 degrees.   She was late enough to have to run inside….or maybe it was because she wasn’t wearing a coat?   I trudged in on an icy snow path  from my car.  I left my purse behind and had to go back to get it.  In -11 degree weather.  I made a mistake with the Internet Safety assembly times so all the schedule finagling I had done to be able to see both the upper el and lower el assemblies was moot.  And all before lunch.  Butternut squash soup sounded better in the morning than it did AT lunch.  Thank God for m&ms!   Forgot about the staff power point I have been assembling for Monday’s Martin Luther King activities so I had to tweak that between classes.  Finished and uploaded it after school.  Sheesh.  Ran out the school door at 5 to pick up the Princess who has been trying out for the last 4 days for the 7th grade basketball team.  (She made the team. Remember when that was the MOST important thing in your 7th grade life??)  And worst of all….I made a handful of first graders cry today.   Indoor recess will do that to them.  And hearing ‘I neeeeed hELlllpppp” too many times will do that to ME.  Especially when it’s something they have been able to do since….October?  Do it yourself!  Figure it out….  Dinner was sweet and sour chicken from a can.  Good old LaChoy….not.   I splashed soy sauce on my new from Christmas peach shirt that goes so nice with my gray slacks.  Rats.  

How many more days until spring???

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One Comment on “One of those days…..”

  1. Pam/Wordgirl Says:

    OY do I hear you.

    Spring is far off in these parts — as I suspect in your parts too…but I keep telling myself that it is these terrible extremes of temperature that make the spring all the more miraculous…

    that said, there are times I wish I lived in Santa Barbara.

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