Of guns and things….

cowboy-dan-copy     Awww.   And you better look at it quick before he sees that I have posted it  and tells me to take it off.  Almost fifteen year olds can be unreasonable sometimes….like when they give you 5 seconds to take a picture of them….Heh

We were getting this picture taken at this hoighty photo studio with the hand me down cowboy boots he’d gotten from his cousins.  The photographer clapped the cowboy hat on his head and handed him the gun.  My heart did a little squeeze when I saw that.   A gun?  In MY kid’s hand?   Not possible.  And, from that very point on he was obsessed with guns.  And I mean OBSESSED.     But that’s a guy thing right?   Everybody said so.  Still, the  obsession kind of worried me.  Really worried me.  I fought him tooth and nail about it too.  I wouldn’t let him touch anything that remotely resembled a gun for a good long while.  Even the bubble blowing space gun toy was off limits.   And then a wise and wonderful colleague that I have a tremendous respect for said one day, “You know, he is just going to make his own guns out of everything he can find.”  So I relaxed and relented….and my parents bought him his own cowboy hat, holsters and two six shooters.  The kid was in heaven.   Absolute heaven.  However he was only allowed to ‘shoot’  rattlesnakes. dingos and buffalo.   And he was a diligent hunter.  He took aim at rattlesnakes on the side of the road every day.  Dinged a dingo or two on the playground now and then.  But it was the buffalo that confounded him.  He just couldn’t picture what the heck a buffalo was. 

One day – when he was four – we were on an ‘up north’ camping trip and driving around looking for a restaurant someone had told us about.  He asked me what a buffalo was…..again.  I went into my usual tirade about how they were an huge animal whose pounding hooves were enough to shake buildings when they ran.  I told him how Native Americans would hunt them and use everything on the body…the hide for a blanket, the meat to eat and even the bones for utensils and decoration.  I told him how white hunters killed them for their hides alone and left rotting carcasses across the prairie.  That’s why there aren’t many buffalo any more.  He was very involved in the story and grew concerned that such big animal still even existed.  I assured him that buffalo were much more suited to the open prairie land than the woods of Michigan.   I told him they were too big to maneuver through the trees.  Satisfied and feeling safer, he was watching out the window when – only minutes later – we passed by a ranch and saw two of these fellas watching cars go by with their big heads hanging over a wire fence.buffalo-herd-1-1024x76811 

So much for ‘mom wisdom.’  Heh.




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2 Comments on “Of guns and things….”

  1. Darcy Says:

    AWWWW! I REMEMBER that photo!!! What a cute little kiddo he was…is….GEESH..I hate when they grow up!

  2. marymurtz Says:

    I grew up not far from the South Dakota Black Hills, so we saw buffalo every time we drove there. One day we were on our way out of Nebraska into South Dakota and came across a car with New York license plates, and the people were standing by a fence with their cameras, oohing and aahing and snapping pictures of “the beautiful buffaloes.”

    Problem is, they hadn’t driven far enough and were near a ranch. Taking pictures of plain old Hereford cattle.

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