Almost February and we are survivin’.  Made it safely through our first Final Exam week in high school and the Prince is rolling in A’s and B’s.  He is working out in the fitness room three nights a week and actually has real, honest to goodness, grown up muscles! 

Made it through a particularly testy 7th grade Science unit.  I hate going through seventh grade again.  It wasn’t fun the first time.  Didn’t improve the second time either…but this time??  Grrr.  I know more about energy than any normal adult should HAVE to know. 

Made it through our first basketball game last night.  They lost – 28 to 8.  The Princess had four fouls called on her.  FOUR!  That’s not good.  Kinda of understandable though – if you play basketball like you have played soccer for the past 6 years.  LOL  Poor Dad just shook his head.  I think we are going to paint a sweatshirt…with a crown on a basketball…and add a star for each foul the ‘Foul Queen’ achieves in her first season as a basketball player.  Expect it to be covered by the end of March. : )

It’s going to snow tonight.  Nothing big as we are on the top of the current storm system moving through the midwest and east coast.  One to three tonight and a little more tomorrow. Should be a nice addition to the slopes on Thursday.  Springing for snowboarding with the ski club.  Should be fun to watch.

Just survivin’

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