25 Things

I am not exactly a ‘fan’ of these things.  I would much rather make a list of my favorites…what color socks I have on….what’s under my bed…or what I have in my glove compartment.  Twenty five interesting things about me?  I would be kind of hard pressed.  But, since I have been tagged like four times for this, I thought I would give it a whirl.  It’s taken a week but turns out I’m kind of interesting after all! 

1. I attended the very same elementary school that my Mom went to for a period of time.
2. I was taught how to read lips when I was four years old and can generally follow several conversations at once….which is why I tend to be very, very quiet in social situations.

3. I once won a CKLW radio contest in which the prize was to meet Bobby Sherman. (Oh be still my thudding thirteen year old heart!)

4. I won a college scholarship for winning a writing contest when I was a high school senior. Didn‘t use it though. WHAT was I thinking??

5. I did my student teaching in a Kindergarten class with a cast on my broken arm and taught myself how to tie tennis shoes with one hand. Can’t do it any more though.

6. I have lived through three car accidents and one of them was a rollover.

7. I don’t drink alcoholic beverages. Well….maybe a cold beer once every eight years or so. I think I am due this summer!

8. I have never had perfect attendance…in anything.

9. I walked on the wild side this fall and took myself on a trip to NYC, stayed in a hotel with someone I met online and saw my favorite actress in an off Broadway play…twice!

10. I can read a book a day.

11. I can paint just about anything but can’t draw worth anything.

12. I see ‘things’ as the shapes that make them. Does that make sense?

13. I have appeared on stage as the housekeeper in ‘The Sound of Music.’

14. I directed a production of ‘Annie’ 20 years ago for a community theater group with a record in ticket sales for that group that still stands today.

15. I would rather write or direct plays than be in them.

16. I interviewed William Milliken, then the governor of Michigan, for a 9th grade school project. I wrote and asked and he obliged, inviting my partner and I to his office in Lansing. We talked for 30 minutes. Heady stuff!

17. My favorite job – ever – was running a school age care program at a community center. I did it for two years 25 years ago and I still miss it.

18. I once stayed out past curfew – on purpose – at my Christian college in order to accrue the ’punishment minutes’ needed so I would be confined to the dorm for the weekend with my friends. I was such a rabble rouser!

19. I am amazed at how quickly I can come up with WAY former student names when I run into them at the grocery store….or the Dairy Queen…or at the Chinese restaurant.

20. I write and produce a television series for my school district’s cable network.  I seriously channel JIm Henson, Mr. Rogers and Captain Kangaroo on a regular basis.

21. I have met some of my very best friends on the internet.

22. I am a fierce advocate of international adoption.

23. I hate 7th grade…..back then and right NOW!

24. I never ever wanted to be in the medical profession but find it supremely interesting.

25. Pathetically, I have been to Disney World ten times at various times in my life.



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