Filling the Freezer


    We are a soccer family….and currently a basketball family….and maybe even a track family in a few weeks.   Our lives consist of a busy school/work day with an added sports practice tacked on for good measure.  Because my children play for different travel soccer clubs, we are generally carting them off in two different directions.  Basketball is directly after school – AT school – for two hours.  Unless there is an away game to attend. 

 Because we are a family that still eats dinner together at the table, preparing meals can sometimes be a challenge.  While the Princess and I are totally happy with soup or a sandwich or an occasional bowl of cold cereal for dinner, my two ‘boys’ can get awfully crabby if their tummies aren’t full of something heartier before 7:30 at night. 

Last fall I discovered one of those grocery store ‘Taste of Home’ recipe booklets for freezer meals.  I spent one Sunday afternoon/evening in a frenzy of cooking and wrapping and freezing.  I added cooking instruction labels to the top of each one.

  It was SO nice to have these random casserole things to pull out in the morning and pop into the oven in the evening when we were going to be on the run.  Add a salad/cut veggies/cottage cheese/fruit/hot bread and you have a wonderful meal.  Some were better than others.  All of them were eaten.  Gone.  So, Super Bowl Sunday, I did it again. 

 I went grocery shopping in the morning and cooked, assembled and wrapped all afternoon.  Still had ingredients and a couple more to do on Tuesday and I did.  Twenty casseroles filling my freezer.  Twenty two if you want to count the two that we had eaten.  Or twenty five if you want to count the two meat loaves and one pan of lasagne that were already there. 

And lest you think all of those foil pans are filled with meat loaf and lasagne type meals, they’re not.  There is quite an assortment actually.   There are three spaghetti/ham casseroles, three turkey/dressing casseroles (my personal favorite), three ‘colorful chicken’ casseroles (a tasty mix of chicken, celery, peppers, corn, peas and pasta  – Princess’  favorite), three 3 cheese kielbasa casseroles, two chicken enchilada/spanish rice dinners, two sausage/rice casseroles, one mini pizza meatloaf pans with 4 mini meatloaves, one tamale pie casserole and two cheddar turkey bakes.

Ah.  Perfect for those ‘on the run’ meals.

Perfect because I control the fat and sodium and sugars with not-real- salt and not-real- sugar and my favorite not-real -butter ingredients.  I buy the low fat EVERYTHING for them.  I buy lean meat cuts.  I buy  whole grain pastas.  I sneak in the extra vegetables (’cause what they don’t know won’t hurt them, right?).

What a sense of accomplishment to have your larder…er…um…freezer…full.

It’s not that we don’t  ever have real on the spot cooked meals because we do.  And my crock pot cranks out a meal or two every week. 

 The only problem I am having with this full freezer is that I am so durn stingy with them.  Like I don’t want anyone to actually EAT them.  They are freaking works of ART!  Putting them together took TIME!   MY time!  The choice between taking one of ‘them’ out and making do with say….oh….a hot dog….has been awfully hard.  Nearly impossible really.

So….I guess…..Bon Appetit!  Maybe…….

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One Comment on “Filling the Freezer”

  1. You’re my hero!!

    I used to do something similar when the kids were little. Now that everyone is older and mostly out of the house on various days, I just make double recipes of everything when I cook. Then I freeze single-sized portions (before I serve it or they’d just keep eating until everything was gone!).

    Big Kid comes and raids the freezer when he’s short on groceries, and Little Guy can independently fix his own meals when I’m working or busy (or too tired to cook). It’s a win/win for everybody!

    But you, Girl…you’re a human tornado! LOL

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