I am obsessed….

Thank you for the inquiries.  I am fine.  I am just obsessed with writing elsewhere these days.  I have about 40 pages on a worse that the worst of Harlequin Romance but I am SO loving the characters and what is happening with them.  Then there is the play I am writing about a group of adoptive moms who still get together even though their kiddos have outgrown the need for a play group.  I had put that one away because it was not going anywhere and depressing me…..but I have found a community theater group that I might want to approach about actually doing in in like a workshop form to see how it comes out – outside of my head.  And then there are the two new episodes of ‘Dipsey Doodles’ Flower Pot Shop’ that we will be filming during the upcoming spring break .  Sooo….even though I am keeping up with y’all (P’s IVF efforts and Mary’s sniffles especially)….I am obsessed with my writing right now.  REALLY obsessed. And the tips of  my fingers actually hurt from typing.  Gads.

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