I have become obsessed.   I have a novel going.  Like 300 + pages of a novel.  It’s fun.  The characters are great.  They have cool back stories.  They are funny.  They all get along.  They like each other.  And that is my problem. 

Woe is me. 

No conflicts. 

I’ve tried.  And I am certain that I would never make it as a romance writer because I can’t write sex.  Believe me.  I’ve tried that too.  Too many sunflowered fields, rainbows and bunny rabbits happening.  I would love to be able to do it like  a Barbara Delinsky….or a Debbie Macomber….or a Susan Elizabeth Phillips.  I would love to be able to write the same sort of angsty, guilt riddled characters of a Karen Rose (who has also mastered some humdinger sex stuff….lucky woman)….or a Patricia Cornwell.  Dang it all.  I am obsessed with a sunshiny, delightfully fun and happy.  And I can’t ditch it.

Would someone…..PLEASE……wish me some dark clouds or something???  I need me some DRAMA!


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One Comment on “Help!”

  1. Donna Hitz Says:

    I have always been one to look deeply into what motivates people. You can draw a lot of drama from that. Could I help?

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