This kid…..

     We have new neighbors.  I haven’t actually…met….them yet.  I wave and she waves.  The kids are out and about.  Not sure how many but the Princess says five.  SHE has been playing nonstop with the seven year old who follows her everywhere.  She worries because they have no winter clothes and we had a freaky midwest winter storm on the first day of our spring break.   She found a jacket she has outgrown and asked if she could give it to R.  After receiving my okay she bounced out the door with it.

Later, while shopping for Easter stuff to send the grandparents, she was carrying on about the bent bicycle wheel of the little neighbor’s.  And salivating over a desperately wanted dvd copy of ‘Twilight’, which I told her would be in her Easter basket.  And telling me just which kind of jelly beans she wanted (Sweet Tart).  And remembering the huge stuffed lamb from her first Easter with us years ago when I had promised to cut it up if the Easter Bunny brought ONE MORE stuffed animal into our house (mom’s sick sense of humor).  And wondering if we are going to make them hunt for their baskets again this year.  On a whim – while in the candy aisle – I asked if she would rather buy R a new bike instead of getting an Easter basket of her own. 

Without  second thought she said…..”Could we?  Because I would.” 

Sometimes I just love this kid.

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One Comment on “This kid…..”

  1. Eva Says:

    This made me smile. I know you have troubles and she’s a handful much of the time and there are power struggles and what not but she is a special kid. She truly is. What a beautiful soul she has.

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