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June 22, 2009

I never was much of a test taker.  Well, maybe I was.  I just wasn’t good at studying.  Go over the material a couple of times, ace the test and then forget about it.  I do not know why the Facebook quizzes intrique me.  I take them if they look like fun.  I NEVER pass them along to other Facebook friends.  I NEVER post my answers either.  I just store the information away for an occasional chuckle.  They’re not really REAL after all…..are they?  I mean, Me?  A mom most like Sharon Osborne??  Go figure.

      However, according to the list I recently started keeping I should be living in New York City (that’s a no brainer…LOL), I would be Sky Blue in a box of crayons (rats! I really wanted to be Dandelion!), I am 23% fun and suffer from Paranoia disorder.  My Psychic Reading makes me ‘Windows to Your Soul’ (whatever the frick that means) and I know 100% about the community I grew up in.  I am gifted with ‘Precognition’ (knowlege of future events – which I suppose is how I know what is going to happen to a certain 15 year old who responds ‘no’ when asked to do a simple chore around the house), am “Very Liberal’ (what??)  and should be rooting for the New York Yankees.   I favor ‘Outdoorsmen’ in mates, am a ‘Healer’ in my life’s purpose and would be a box of ‘Mixed Chocolates’ if I were a candy.   I would be ‘Dancing Barbie.’   The Musical Leading Lady most like me is ‘Sandy’ from ‘Grease’ and the movie musical of my life would be ‘Footloose.’  And here is the one I love….the leading man I should be married to is Brad Pitt and the ‘Friends’ character most like me is ‘Rachel’.  Heh.  Brad and Jen together again…..but only in my mixed up chocolate box, paranoid, sky blue, Yankee rooting , Osborne, New York City state of mind.

Life is good!

There is just something about a junk drawer…

June 13, 2009

You know what they are.  Handy little places to slip ‘important’ things.  Things you don’t want to lose. Drawers that very quickly are over run with ‘important’ things.  Drawers  that you end up scrambling through to find that ‘thing’ you need.  One of mine happens to be the drawer of my computer desk. 

In my quest to do some badly needed deep, organizational cleaning of the corners of my house, I tackled that insidious drawer.  What I thought would be an ominous task turned out to be a pleasantly needed trip down memory lane.  Here are some of the things I found:

*More receipts and papers than one is EVER expected to save….including seven year old one for the Princess’ first two wheeler.

*6 teeny, tiny dice and 4 teeny, tiny frogs.  I have tucked them in a little tin box to make a teeny, tiny game or two. : )

*Gigantic paperclips – bought them at Target one time because they are cool.  Can’t bring myself to use them because I know they’ll be lost.

* A mother lode of different kinds of flash drives. (It’s a fetish of mine)

*Coin envelopes and clear ID card protectors that I used when I taught Kindergarten. Kept them.  That stuff ALWAYS comes in handy.

*a fully jointed 3 inch tall skeleton pirate doll thingy that the Princess delighted in collecting the summer we spent in Florida taking care of my Mom. 

*two different sized phillips screw drivers, two eyeglass repair kits and the tiniest little screw driver I have ever seen that won’t fit in an eyeglass repair kit.  Have NO clue what it goes to but I’m keeping it.

*Another mother lode of sticker sheets – also used when I taught Kindergarten –  which I stuck into an envelope for Rabbit.  Not much but it’ll keep her busy for a few hours this summer.

*the missing key to the fire proof strong box we bought before leaving for Boston.  I was certain there would be abreak in or a fire and all of our adoption/citizenship/birth certificates and what not would be gone.  I am fearful like that.

*A whole passel of the newsletters I used to send to family when the Prince was a toddler.  Dang but he was a funny little kid.  Emotionally involved with a ……zucchini?

*Two nearly empty package of batteries for hearing aids I no longer use.  Different sizes from the ones I need now.  Pitched ’em.

*old Russian coins, a handful of pennies, Canadian coins and 4 old tokens for Chuck E Cheese….upon seeing  which my 15 year old asks, “hey…when can we go there?”  Riiiiight.  I’ve done my duty in that noisy, overwhelming, pepperoni reeking realm.

*Our customs declaration sheets upon entering Russia to bring the Princess home……NINE years ago this fall.  Dang!

*Pictures, pictures and MORE pictures. Tucked them away with all of the others I need to go through and file and scrapbook or…something.  What are you supposed to do with pictures anyway?

*clear nail polish, a tube of some kind of prescription eye cream and two tubes of athletes’ foot cream.  Two?

*Lego pieces…another fetish of mine.  Not that I like to build with them or anything (although I have spent countless hours assembling and disassembling the Prince’s Lego soccer stadium in the past)…but I do like to have interesting pieces handy.  Just ask my family about my jaw dropping to the floor at Disney Market Place’s Lego store.  HUNDREDS of  little drawers with MILLIONS of little pieces.  Buy a container and you can put ANYTHING inside it and as much as you can fit.  Heh. NEVER give me that challenge.  Just ask the people at the Mr. Potato Head kiosk.  I ALWAYS get my money’s worth.  : )

*Four apostilled copies of the Princess’ final adoption follow up reports .  When you drive to the state capital to get them done personally you might as well get a bunch.  And I love knowing the word ‘apostille.’  It’s the kind of word that snakes it’s way around your tonuge and through your brain.  Especially if you are working your way through an international adoption.

*The translation of a thank you letter sent to the Princess from her friends at the orphanage.  Several months after bringing her home, we  sent a box of goodies (Legos, candy, balloons, socks, Matchbox cars, etc.) with another couple going to the same orphanage .

*an envelope from my little guy in the Dominican Republic.  Gotta write to him soon.  He’s nine and likes school, baseball….and me. (

*a ring my husband got me for a long ago Mother’s Day….with an amethyst.

*a print out of a short email from my deceased Grandmother about her father owning a ‘dray team’ when she was a child.  Can’t remember why she sent it but yeah, my grandmother died when she as 97 and had used computers and e-mail regularly.  It’s in my genes.

*An ‘Obama ’08’ button, an MEA membership button and a tin, heartshaped necklace ornament with the word ‘Mom’ inscribed…which I am sure came from an elementary school Holiday Shoppe.

*a battered, falling apart portrait of me as a four year old that my parents had drawn the night before I went to the hospital to have my tonsils removed.  I seriously need to get it repaired.  And framed.

*A Bible study guide for the book of Ephesians…which was my favorite Bible class when I was in college at Oklahoma Christian University…..way back when it was just Oklahoma Christian College.

*Ticket stubs for almost everything we did in Boston on last year’s GRAND summer vacation.  Stuck them in one of the aforementioned coin envelopes.  (see?   It came in handy)

* a Playbill for ‘Three Changes’ – a play with Maura Tierney that I saw last fall on a FABULOUS 1st adventure to the Big Apple.  Met her too.  She’s very sweet to her fans.

*a print out of a story I posted YEARS ago on a Kindergarten Teachers’ web ring about a rough and tough little tomboy of a girl who kept hugging me all day after about a week of school.  Couldn’t figure out why until she finally said she liked hugging me because ‘we make a really cool sound together.’   Hearing aid feed back.  It’ll get you every time. : )

I found more stuff.  LOTS more.  And there were things I didn’t find.  Like the recharger to my Kodak digital which I haven’t been able to use in like…forever.  Dang.  Or any of the 100 sharpened pencils that were there last fall.  Not one.  Or the gum packages that I tend to put there now and then.  Gone.

And that’s the way of the Junk Drawer.  Things come and things go.  They tend to hold bits and pieces of your life, don’t they?  And most everything has a story.  ‘Important’ stuff.  Kinda fun to sort through on a lazy, rain threatened day.

Growing Up….

June 9, 2009

   For the past two days I have taken my son to school and left the daughter home to finish getting ready.  This was our plan for the school year.  That I would have some quiet time with both of them in the morning.  Then she got involved in before school activities like open gym and jazz band practice.  Snow fell and ice formed on the roads.  It seemed rather wasteful not to eliminate the extra mileage – and time – and swing by the middle school after dropping him off at high school.  It gave me an extra hour and a half at MY school before my classes started.  Saved gas.  Saved time.  It did not save money since the Princess and I would ‘power shop’ at Meijers some mornings, or hit the local breakfast restaurant on the days she didn’t have open gym or jazz band practice.  Since this is the last week of school, my report cards are done and duly printed and ready to be folded, open gym is over, the jazz band played their last concert last week, I decided to let her sleep in a little bit in the morning and take him to school alone. 

       It’s interesting how much he has grown up over this winter.  He still doesn’t eat breakfast  or speak in anything other than a monosyllabic grunt in the morning.  In the afternoon there is more to say.   But today… was a milestone.  He actually smiled at me.  First time in a long while.

     We were talking about final exams and homework.  He was grunting basic answers to my basic questions.  Then I very happily said that I was glad school was ending.  As of this Thursday, no longer will he be able to holler ‘I’m doing my HOMEWORK!’ when he is asked to do something like set the table for dinner or unload the dishwasher or fold his laundry.  Battlegrounds.

    “As of Thursday, your little tushy is MINE for twelve whole weeks.” 

     And he grinned.  Actually smiled! 


     He is now fifteen and a half.  He is taller than I am.  We bought new shorts a couple of weeks ago and he is down two sizes.  He has navigated his first year in high school with perfect attendance and Academic High Honors.  He got the certificate and the bumper sticker but missed being invited to the Academic Awards Assembly by .13 percent or something like that.   He has his driving permit and complains half heartedly when I tell him to drive.  Only half heartedly.  He is looking forward to the high school’s summer soccer practices and rec league.  (Remember my post from last summer about dragging him there kicking and screaming and then sitting in the car with him until someone he knew showed up and he wouldn’t look like a dork??)  Today we signed up for soccer referee classes.  Alone.  He wasn’t stressing about being with someone he ‘knows.’ 

    And wonder of wonders he actually cleaned his room this weekend.  REALLY cleaned his room.  I’m not sure what brought that on….and I am not looking in the closet….yet.  I am just stunned to learn that the carpet in there is still the same color as the carpet elsewhere in the house. 

     It’s been so long since I have actually SEEN it.