There was an earthquake in Haiti yesterday.  The capital city of Port Au Prince has been virtually destroyed.  American Embassy personnel are being airlifted to ships at sea and priority has turned to helping the injured and the dying.  Old people, young people and children being told to stay away from buildings so they huddles in the streets.  Pictures from the disaster area are overwhelmingly depressing.

There was an earthquake of sorts in my family room tonight.  She took his  i-pod cord without asking and an argument ensued.   An adult stepped in to run interference and came nose to nose with an angry teenager wanting to know what he was going to do about it if he DID hit her.  A mental picture of the family room scene was overwhelmingly frightening.

There was an earthquake of sorts in a house in Florida where a lonely man waited all day for an anxiously awaited visit from a favorite niece.  A late in the day phone call reported that she was there but ill and would come NEXT week instead.  I can imagine the dejection and the picture of that is overwhelmingly sad.

There was an earthquake of sorts in a room in a Daytona rehabilitation hospital.  Weeks and weeks of hospitalization and medications and catheterizations and IVs and physical therapy came crashing down around her.  Depression is rampant and we are miles away.  The picture of that is overwhelmingly heartbreaking.

Let it be known……..that I hate earthquakes.

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One Comment on “Earthquakes”

  1. Mary Says:

    I’m so sorry. For what it’s worth, the doctors told us that extreme depression during recuperation is very common, and they put my dad on zoloft, which helped immensely. But either way, the distance between you and your mom is too far and I understand that.

    I hate earthquakes, too. 😦

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