HRH and I were out driving today as we ran a few errands….in the middle of which the Princess called to say she was out of her medication for the asthma nebuelizer that we keep at school.   We made a quick trip home for the meds and took them to her middle school so she could take a treatment.  On the way home we passed by a large local farm and saw cars lined in the field by the seasonal selling stand.  People were standing in line – waiting patiently – for this…

There are only a few things in the food realm that I have absolutely no desire to ever – EVER – have cross my palate ever EVER again.  This food is one of them.

I used to urp up spinach even when I was a baby getting it from a jar.  My mother was constantly trying to feed it to me because I was always testing  low in iron.  And I continued to urp it up unwillingly.  She finally gave up.  I never had to eat it…..and I barely forgave my cartoon hero for chugging it straight from the can.

But Popeye had a friend who loved hamburgers and so did I so the spinach thing was redeemable.


And  I have long made my peace with spinach.  I enjoy it tremendously today…..as long as it isn’t cooked.

As long as it’s leafy and green and speaking to me from a salad bowl.

Spinach I can handle.

But NOT asparagus.

I don’t care if its fresh or canned.  I don’t care how it is cooked.  I don’t care if you DO know of a wonderful way to prepare it that is GUARANTEED to delight me and get me over this phobia.  I don’t care if its wrapped in bacon or dribbled with lemon butter or served with the juciest cut of sirloin or grilled to perfection with saucy ribs.

I don’t care.

Asparagus can stand in the field and bloom into delicate little flowers and





I can’t stand the way they taste…..or smell….or look.

And I can probably thank my mother for that.  And my cousin.  SHE is the one who loved asparagus. 

And I happened to love liver.  My mom’s liver recipe.  Liver…pan fried to stiff sweet perfection and drowned in carmelized onions. Yum. 

My cousin hated liver.  I hated asparagus.

So my mother’s dinner time dilemma of pleasing one and not the other was always solved by serving both….at the same time.  While D complained of the liver and relished the asparagus, I was loudly whining about the asparagus and chowing down on the liver. 

I could never understand WHY she just didn’t serve either when we were together?

Just like I have no idea WHY people will stand in line – in the rainy cold – to fill their plastic bags with fresh asparagus from the farm stand?


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2 Comments on “Why?”

  1. joanski Says:

    My husband makes the best fried liver ever. He carmelized sliced onions and apples in butter, then in the same pan browns up slices of liver that had been coated in seasoned flour. He usually adds a bit more butter when the liver is nearly done, then tosses in a cup of fresh bread cubes and browns them, too. Liver, onion, apple, and bread cubes. You wouldn’t think the apples would go with the liver, but it’s one of the most delicious dish in the world.

  2. ryterrytes Says:

    Awesome…..gonna try that!

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