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Old House, New House, Yellow House, Schmoo House

November 27, 2010

Yes….we have moved.  Moved OUT of a rattletrap modular place we called ‘home’ for nineteen years and into a home in a neighborhood…with a basement.  It took us eleven months to find a place we were happy with and could afford.  It has been a long, rough road.

I have moved just three times in my entire life.  Three, if you aren’t counting the temporary moves to college dorms….or the several months long blip when I shared a house with a newly divorced friend.  I moved from the home my parents provided to an apartment when I married my husband.  After two and a half years there we moved into a brand spanking new modular home in a very nice modular home park.  We sat on a pie shaped lot, which was larger then most, adopted a baby boy and then a little girl, and watched them grow up in what was intended to be our ‘temporary home.’ 


I lived my entire childhood, teen years and a good chunk of adulthood in my parents ‘temporary’ home.

They sold that house thirteen years ago and moved to a retirement home in Florida.

Daytona Beach, Florida.

The land of sand and sunshine and mini lizards and hermit crabs and Disney World.  Also the land of wild fires, hurricanes and tornadoes.

But they were happy in Florida.  They had a great house with some family nearby.  Just a little too far away from their family.

My sister grew up in the same ‘temporary’ home as I did.  She has lived her adult hood in a southern state however.  I think she has lived in four different houses there….maybe five.  One was a condo with a great balcony overlooking a livingroom.  The house she lives in now has two stories, a large fenced in back yard, garage, back deck where humming birds can dive bomb you and a nice covered front porch.  It sits in the middle of the district where my brother in law worked and is just a bit of a drive away from hers.  But it was a nice, friendly little neighborhood where her kids could play with neighbors.  And big enough that she could open her doors to my parents who really needed to move closer to their family.

So the house in Florida was sold….and the modular home in Michigan was sold.

My parents moved to their new digs in my sister’s home and we are unpacking our boxes and organizing in our new house just a few miles from our old one.

At this moment I am writing at a table in the study of the new house.  I can look through the pines outside the window to traffic blitzing by on a busy highway.  The television is blaring from the bedroom and still doesn’t drown out the sound of a rowdy game of ping-pong from the basement.  Cookies are baking in the oven and the timer is going to chime any second now.  The dogs are yipping to go out in their fenced yard to play.

Sounds of a family on a Saturday morning.

Nice to hear but really no different than the sounds in the ‘temporary’ homes in my life.  I guess the ‘house’ will be as the family that lives in it.