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HOW Did It Happen???

March 13, 2011

The Prince turned 17 a couple of weeks ago.


Which means he no longer has a ‘restricted’ driver’s license and can drive after midnight even though he may or may not be coming from or going to a real job.

Which means he is just a year and a half away from graduating from high school.

Which means he is only a year and a half away and a summer away from starting COLLEGE.

Which means he is going to be putting his big boy pants on and looking for a real job to help pay for a car/gas/books/food/date nights/whatever.

Which means he is only a year away from casting his vote and having a real say in what is going on in the world.

Which means he is actually going to have to make decisions about things more important than just what he should have for a snack before going to bed…..or which channel to watch on the television…..or which homework to let slide this week.

Which means he is no longer my baby boy.

Just HOW did that happen?

Just how did this:

……..evolve so mind boggling quickly into this???

Mah-velous Marinade

March 11, 2011

     This is not a cooking blog.  Although I have written about disappearing Apple Betty and making pizza with the Princess and the Prince’s favorite swiss steak recipe and trying to replicate the hummingbird cupcakes I had in New York City a while back, I don’t pretend to be any cooking expert.  I rely on Betty Crocker and Campbell’s and The Pioneer Woman and Tasty Kitchen to help me find things to tempt the palate of the picky eaters in my family.  Oh, they pretend not to be so picky.   HRH will try just about anything….and then deal with heartburn and flatulence and  whatever else ails him these days.  The Princess will try a little bit of just about anything and then raid the fruit drawer and veggie drawer and snack box into the wee hours.  The Prince turns up his nose at everything until he gets a run down of  ‘what’s in it.’  He picks out the sweet baby peas and the green pepper chunks and the celery bits and the tomatoes and just about anything that remotely LOOKS like a vegetable…..or fruit.  He hasn’t trusted me since finding out that I had added grated zucchini and carrots into his spaghetti sauce and oatmeal instead of bread crumbs to his favorite meatloaf (pre-Jessica Seinfield, I might add).    And this from someone who brags about enjoying the hottest hot sauce and salsa he can find. 

But I do like new things.   And I like making new things.  And for a little while lately I was doing all kinds of new things at home.  French Dip sandwiches from a Campbell soup can recipe.  Navaho Tacos with a recipe from my days as an Indian Education coordinator.  And chili….the way my Mom used to make it….which -woe is me – is not a favorite in my house.  (But dump a can of yellow corn in it and cover it with crushed corn chips and cheese and they’ll eat it. Taco Soup!)

About a month ago I found a recipe for ‘Butter Chicken’ that sounded remotely like something we might like.  HRH went to the store for the things I needed.  He even sprang for a bag of Basmati rice.  And when I say ‘bag’, I mean a little burlap bag with a zipper at the top so you know it wasn’t Minute Man.  It cost some major bucks from our local store.  And its now our family favorite.

And it was good.  Marinated chicken cooked slow tomato sauce and served over rice.  Yum.

But the best part is the marinade. 

I am getting a hankering for it again.  Only this time, I am going to marinade some chicken and grill it. ….tomorrow. 

I am going to do it tonight.

 I can’t wait.

The smell of that marinade wafting from the fridge is enough to get the taste buds watering.

The very THOUGHT of the smell of the marinade wafting from the fridge is enough to get the taste buds watering.

Here it is:

Grab yourself a ziplock bag and crush five cloves of garlic into it.  Add one teaspoon of salt, a 1/2 teaspoon of cayenne pepper and 1/4 teaspoon each of coriander, cumin and cardamom.  I love the fact that I have the ‘3 Cs’ in my spice drawer….four if you count the cayenne.    The recipe also calls for a half teaspoon of black pepper but my tongue cannot abide black pepper of any kind.  It’s a family legend….seriously.  Shake it all together.

 Squeeze the innards out of two whole limes and add the juice AND limes to the bag.  Toss in your chicken pieces or your steaks and close the bag.  Roll it all around to make sure the loveliness totally covers everything and then put it in the fridge over night. 

Open the fridge on occasion and smell it.

Anticipate it.

And sniff it again.

Grill it anyway you like.


I can’t wait.