Its April 1st and I am Ready to Party!

What a day. What a hysterical day. I played a practical joke on my 5th grade classes that went over like a dream. And they thought I had NO. SENSE. OF. HUMOR. I guess I showed THEM a thing or two. I did a good deed for a teacher friend. I didn’t rant when the fast food place screwed up my lunch order and just kept the extras to feed the kiddie-os on the way home from school. And I just smiled when the Princess asked to spend the night with a friend…and HE offered to drop her off on his way to a GIRL/Friend’s house for the evening.  Heh?  What did he say??? I guess its a little un-nerving to see my baby boy/angsty adolescent displaying some random act of kindness toward his sister.   I guess he is growing up after all. Yay! Its been a very long winter and so now I am ready to party!

 But where is the excitement?

Where are the snacks?

 And if I WERE a drinker….where is the booze?

However…they are having a ‘party’ over at Minute 4 Moms.   A Blogger party.   And I am SO there!

As you can see I am a wife/mom/teacher/writer/painter/crafter who has been blogging as a lark for the past five years. You never know what you might read about in here. Sometimes its classroom stuff….and wife stuff…and craft stuff….and cooking stuff….and soccer stuff…..but mostly its parenting stuff.   My delightful oh so cute soccer playing international adoptees have morphed into uber hormonal teenagers who – horror beyond horrors – can drive cars……and I am having some difficulty with that.


But I am getting through it…with a little help from my family and friends.

And my blog.  : )

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