The Year Begins…..five years later

This blog entered the world on January 2nd, 2007. Its amazing how things have changed….or not.

There are many thoughts on my mind as the year 2012 begins. It’s January 2, 2012 and 9:13 am. My teenagers are still sleeping in their rooms and will probably not emerge until noon. What project should I start the new school semester with. Is Dad eating and drinking today. Osama Bin Laden is dead. The war lingers but our troops are heading home….from Iraq. The fact that we still have troops in other locations troubles me tremendously. Australia. Really? I should probably finish this last fanfiction soon. Is Dad eating and drinking today. Distance sucks. Is there bacon in the freezer. Should I put another new book on my Kindle. How long will it take to put the Christmas decorations away. Why did Hersey have to invent the Cherry Cordial Kiss. Are we really ready to be hit with the pendng college registration fees. Is Dad eating and drinking today. Should I tell anyone that its venison in the crockpot. Do we seriously need three laptops. Will she be ready to actually play in her soccer game. Is there any money in my checking account. How many loads of laundry will I have to do. Is Dad eating and drinking today. Is it ever going to actually snow around here. So many movies….so little desire. Back to school tomorrow. Sigh. Petty and important stuff from my world to yours. Happy New Year.

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One Comment on “The Year Begins…..five years later”

  1. dlr929 Says:

    Your stream of conscious musings caught me off guard. Your usually chipper, uplifting stories about family or events was replaced by such raw and real thoughts.
    It made me feel so deeply and relate so much.
    We all have so much to worry about. No one wants to trade places or problems with anyone else.
    Having a sickly parent is life’s hardest challenge except maybe if it were your child. We all go through it and it sucks.
    This economy has hit us all. Taking from one credit card to pay another and wondering early in the month (like now) how to send checks for our mortgage and maintenance and garage and other things that make up the “nut” of our existence and that doesn’t cover any luxuries.
    I almost bought myself an ipad today. Why? I wanted it? Everyone else has one?
    I hope your dad ate and drank today and will again tomorrow.
    I hope there was bacon in your freezer.
    Never tell anyone what is in your crockpot.
    Will the world end this year? Will anything else matter if it does?
    Happy New Year, my dear friend.

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