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January 11, 2013

Once upon a time I was a writer.  I woke up early every morning and wrote for 30 minutes.  Every day.  Sometimes it was writing for this blog.  Sometimes for a school project….a fan fiction…an ongoing novel….another ongoing novel…..a play I have mulling over for two years…..a letter to someone…..emails.  I wrote SOMEthing for 30 minutes.  Every day.

And this writing habit continued for several years.

I felt productive when I was writing.  I felt full of creative juices and ideas oozed out in every direction.  Sometimes they were good ideas and sometimes not.  But they were ideas.

Then along came conversation with the hubby who had been laid off from his job for an extended period.  He couldn’t understand the need to write.  He wanted to talk in the morning.  So we did. 

And then he went back to work.  Whew.

Along came AOL…..or whatever internet  news page we have up on the computer.  I am a news ‘junkie’ and could cruise and read there all day long.  If I didn’t have to get to a job every morning.

Along came Facebook.  I have managed to connect with elementary school friends, high school friends, college friends, former students, parents of former students and new friends.  Keeping up with all of them takes time and effort and a fair amount of cruising. 

Along came Pinterest….the holy grail of mindless time sucking activity.  I love it and have been rigidly successful to confine my cruising and ‘pinning’ to just 15 minutes a day…..or five pins…whichever comes first.  And I mean rigidly successful.  It’s almost a game I play with myself whenever I am there.

Along came more sleep.  The hubby wakes me up at 4:30 am.  These days – in my encroaching old age – it’s much more appealing to set my own alarm, roll over and doze for another hour.  Some times.  Okay…more than some times.

At any rate, all of these things have encroached on my writing time in the morning.

And I miss it.

And I feel a little lost.

And I decided that my New Year’s resolution would be to get back into the writing ‘habit.’

So here it is…ten….days later and I am still reading, cruising, pinning and…dozing.

But I will get there.


After all, I am a writer.

 And I need to write.

The End

The New Year….again

January 4, 2013

Amazing.  It has been over a year since I have updated this blog.

One. Solid. Year.

I am not really sure why this has happened…or how.  In anticipation of this posting, I have gone back and read some of the blogs I posted in the five years prior to this last one.  What an incredible collection of thoughts on raising a family, adoption, developing relationships, teaching, activities and world events!  And all of that is missing from 2012.  It’s not like 2012 wasn’t a momentous year for my family and I….because it was.  SO. MANY. THINGS. happened that I needed to share…..should have shared….and still might share eventually.  So many things.

So this is how 2012 shaped up in the end.

My Father died. Period.

My daughter made a choice last spring that affected the way people looked at and trusted her, and very nearly took soccer out of the equation of her life.  It was a choice that had us reeling as parents….and kind of left us floating on a raft all alone….not quite knowing how to get things back on an even keel.  We are proud of her and the way she handled herself….even if we are still out of kilter at times.

My son graduated from high school and successfully navigated his way through his first semester away at college.  And learned how to take care of himself through his first bout of flu.  Away from home.  Away from Mom and Dad. Sniff.

My Mother, who lives with my sister and her family several states away, spent a huge chunk of time in our home last summer.  We found ourselves revisiting things we had done as I was growing up.  We were knitting.  Making baskets.  Playing Scrabble.  Visiting with distant family members.  Sitting in the sun and gossiping.  Playing more Scrabble.  It was a nice summer for me and difficult to give up.

Her extended holiday visit has been another ‘adventure’ that is a tale in it’s own.  Heh.

My job is still to teach computer skills to third, fourth and fifth graders.  In my district, that means that I service three elementary buildings…… 33 teachers and 783 students…for 45 minutes a week…..every week.    This year I have returned to a building I have been gone from for two years….and another where I have been gone for nine years.  Old friends.  New students.   New ‘old’ students who are much taller….and have bigger teeth.

Nearly a year has gone by since my father’s death.  We have made it through every ‘first holiday without him.’   It has been rough at times.  Rougher still given the distance and differences between family.  But we have muddled through it.

But that’s what life is all about, I guess.  What 2012 has taught me the most.  Riding the waves and getting through.

Here’s to 2013.

Ready…..or not.

I am back.