Once upon a time I was a writer.  I woke up early every morning and wrote for 30 minutes.  Every day.  Sometimes it was writing for this blog.  Sometimes for a school project….a fan fiction…an ongoing novel….another ongoing novel…..a play I have mulling over for two years…..a letter to someone…..emails.  I wrote SOMEthing for 30 minutes.  Every day.

And this writing habit continued for several years.

I felt productive when I was writing.  I felt full of creative juices and ideas oozed out in every direction.  Sometimes they were good ideas and sometimes not.  But they were ideas.

Then along came conversation with the hubby who had been laid off from his job for an extended period.  He couldn’t understand the need to write.  He wanted to talk in the morning.  So we did. 

And then he went back to work.  Whew.

Along came AOL…..or whatever internet  news page we have up on the computer.  I am a news ‘junkie’ and could cruise and read there all day long.  If I didn’t have to get to a job every morning.

Along came Facebook.  I have managed to connect with elementary school friends, high school friends, college friends, former students, parents of former students and new friends.  Keeping up with all of them takes time and effort and a fair amount of cruising. 

Along came Pinterest….the holy grail of mindless time sucking activity.  I love it and have been rigidly successful to confine my cruising and ‘pinning’ to just 15 minutes a day…..or five pins…whichever comes first.  And I mean rigidly successful.  It’s almost a game I play with myself whenever I am there.

Along came more sleep.  The hubby wakes me up at 4:30 am.  These days – in my encroaching old age – it’s much more appealing to set my own alarm, roll over and doze for another hour.  Some times.  Okay…more than some times.

At any rate, all of these things have encroached on my writing time in the morning.

And I miss it.

And I feel a little lost.

And I decided that my New Year’s resolution would be to get back into the writing ‘habit.’

So here it is…ten….days later and I am still reading, cruising, pinning and…dozing.

But I will get there.


After all, I am a writer.

 And I need to write.

The End

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