Another ‘New York Adventure’

I posted this blog entry four and a half years ago.  It’s a detailed account of my first solo adventure in New York City.  I have wanted to go back.  Dang.  Who wouldn’t want to back to a place that has fascinated them since the age of eight?  In March…..because the Princess has been in the dumps and banned from her sporty life due to a surgically repaired ACL tendon….and because the financial gods were smiling for once…..and because Daddy had been 100% supportive and said ‘Go!’……my daughter and I planned a four day adventure to New York for spring break.  Just the two of us.  Okay…so I did the planning and I gave HER numerous choices.  I picked a play and she picked a play.  I found some restaurant choices and some activity choices I thought would interest her and organized it all on the internet. 

I like to be organized.

The very first thing that I did was look into Broadway play tickets.  I ordered two tickets for a Monday evening performance of ‘Matilda the Musical’ which was MY play of choice. From there I started searching for hotels and bed and breakfast availabilities.  I opted for a small (cheap) hotel across from the south end of Central Park.  Fortunately, I have a friend who lives in the city who could check things out for me.  She assured me it was a ‘small place that catered to people who wouldn’t be spending a lot of time in their rooms.’  The area was definitely safe and close to what we might be doing.  When I turned my attention to airline tickets, Price Line offered a great deal if I booked both the airline and the hotel reservations with them.  So I did.  My friend deemed the change in hotels to be a definite upgrade.  So we were booked to fly in and out of New York’s LaGuardia Airport  on American Airlines and to stay at the Sheraton New York Hotel and Towers. Next I purchased tickets for her play of choice – ‘The Lion King.’

The plans were made and over the next few weeks things began to arrive and were saved in an ultra thick plastic envelope. Our itinerary was changed and rechanged. I added addresses to every place we were going….or might go. I even found a website that would give you approximate cab fares to each of those places just so we would have enough cash with us at all times. I found a purse and backpack that suited each of us and mentally packed and repacked the luggage we were planning to use.

Being the theater semi-geek that I am, I really struggled with that extra night we’d set aside for a ‘nice’ restaurant and the day we’d set aside to shop and walk around. My favorite actress was appearing in a play written by a writer I enjoy with an actor I always liked so maybe we should…?? But reviews of that play mentioned the profanity in the dialog and the darkness of the story so maybe not with my 17 year old. Ticket prices were WAY out of our range anyway. Another play maybe?? ‘Annie’ was good….but we’d just seen a high school production of that. A good friend recommended ‘Peter and the Star Catchers’ but the timing was off for that one. SO many other musicals that looked good……

But I decided to relax and let go. She was more interested in experiencing the city than sitting in a theater anyway. Our itinerary was good. Our four days were actually pretty full.

I was a very good planner.

However, April 1st loomed and we still hadn’t received what I’d been waiting for the most – tickets for the first play I’d booked. Panic time.

I tried tracking them down with emails and phone calls. The delivery had apparently happened weeks before. In an unmarked envelope. Ugh. I truly thought $300 in tickets had been pitched as junk mail. And then my daughter was cleaning out the car and found an unopened envelope with a New York postmark. ‘Matilda’ tickets. Yes! Into the bag they went and we were good to go. Everything was in its place. Every carefully planned move was solidified.

New York City…here we come!

But, as the saying goes, people plan….and God laughs.


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One Comment on “Another ‘New York Adventure’”

  1. dlr929 Says:

    Love that I finally got to read something about the trip. LOL
    I still can’t believe we never got to see each other, but that wasn’t the main event.
    Please write about your escapades and how you missed your first night play, etc. The whole thing deserves a Part 2, dont’ you think?

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