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Magic still exists…

October 28, 2018

Its been a whole week. Months since I got the word and booked a room and a plane and applied for a new passport. Weeks since I emptied coin collection sources and counted savings.  Ten days since I stepped aboard a plane headed for Toronto and yet another bound for Vancouver.  The ultimate destination was to the Hilton Vancouver Metrotown – the host hotel for HFR4.

Heartie Family Reunion 4

When you are a super fan of the Hallmark series, ‘When Calls the Heart’, you are readily welcomed into the Heartie realm.  We are the folks that watch the show (which I’ve done since it began five – almost six – years ago), frequent FaceBook pages about the show, support Instagram posts about the show and tweet DURING the show.

I’ve done it. But I’d rather watch it.

I’ve known about the HFRs since the first one.  It was held after season 2 was filmed. They pitched a tent in the middle of the set. Attendees had lunch, met the cast, toured the set and created some awesome memories.  When season 3 happened, plans began for a second reunion…season 4, a third….season 5, a fourth.  And in just a few days, filming for season 6 and its two hour Christmas movie will be ‘in the can’, ready for editing and polishing and for the new season to play out.

I can’t wait.

That would have been the case regardless of the four days I spent in Vancouver. Its intensified now because I have met some writers and producers and directors responsible for the stories, shaken hands with actors responsible for bringing the characters to life and walked the street and boardwalks and paths where it happens.

But the REAL magic happens when you meet other Hearties and share your common affection for the show and all of the folks it encompasses. I have gotten a taste of that by attending and/or planning local Heartie parties.  I’ve made wonderful friendships that have stretched beyond interest in the show.  I have restablished past friendships because of interest in the show.

And that, m’friends, is magic.