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Maria, Maura and More Moaning…..

June 2, 2008

What wierd one last week. On Monday I was still obsessed with the tragedy of Maria Chapman’s death and a grieving process for a little girl I have never met. It breaks my heart. On Tuesday Maura Tierney – someone I have also never met – taped her very last scene for ER – an episode to be shown next fall. That breaks my heart…and an 8 year obsession with that particular show. On Wednesday my principal told me not to be spending the money yet but they have ‘penciled me in as the only Tech teacher in my building.’ This upgrades me from a half time Teacher to a four fifths Teacher….full time employment being something I have been seeking again since the Princess started first grade….six years ago. Why was I not…happier? Thursday there was a horrendous emotional battle about a ticket to an 8th grade carnival the prince had been looking forward to for months. Adolescence angst….beginning to break my heart. Friday, in order to not miss their scheduled planning times, MY day was unexpectedly flipflopped by classroom teachers and someone else presented my technology trophies to the top graduating 5th graders at their awards assembly. I had been looking forward to that. Dang. Broke my heart again. I was looking forward to the weekend and it was beautiful. Busy…sunny and well….busy. Only eight more days of school left. Gotta get busy on report cards. Only 380 to go! 380 comments to write about some really, really nice kids. Sigh. I guess my heart is begining to sing again. : )