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Summer is winding down…..isn’t it?

July 30, 2008

I went in to school today for a meeting about Summer Reading Club – which I volunteered to help out with. It begins next week and I will be absent. Friday morning – bright and early – we are headed for Boston…
determined to have a great time.

I have never been so anal about anything in my entire life. Our ‘vacations’ are usually limited to a weekend of camping or running from one game to the other for a soccer tournament. There have been three weekend trips to Chicago and trips out of town to visit family but this is the first BIG trip to somewhere new. By ourselves. This time we have hotel rooms reserved – and PAID for…tickets to a Red Sox game at Fenway… reservations for the Princess and I to join a whale watch expedition….and Boston Go Cards guaranteed to get us into all the fun sights. We have list after list of the free stuff we wanna do too. Before we get there though, we are stopping at the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown and the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, MA. And we are diverting our trip home to include a swing through Gettysburg National Park. We are going to have a GREAT time dammit. And I haven’t even packed. I am packing for four because I am the only one in the family able to color coordinate things. REALLY. Ask ANYONE. It’s my fatal flaw.

But BEFORE we go, tomorrow we have reservations for 15-17 immediate family members at a restaurant to celebrate HRH and his twin’s birthday…Thursday the Prince ‘graduates’ from the Youth Police Academy…and right now the Princess is off and running on a brand spanking new motocross bike…10 days shy of her 13th birthday. We are going to be on the road for that momentous day so we gave in and she got it early. Hey wait a minute. Didn’t she flip over the handle bars of a motocross bike and land on her back at ‘the best camp ever’?? With the bike on TOP of her?? How did she sneak that one by us??? Sheesh. I need Tylenol.

The week after our return are four – count ’em FOUR – days of high school soccer team tryouts for the Prince and that is followed by a week of soccer conditioning camp for the Princess. I will be putting in my time with Summer Reading Club for two weeks. Then I think there is a long weekend before I have to report for staff development training. Heh. WHY does all of this stuff have to happen at once??? I think I need a vacation from summer vacation. When does school start again??

Boggled by Boston

May 12, 2008

Okay…so we are planning a vacation to a city where none of us has ever been. DH nixed New York…where I have desperately wanted to go since I was eight. Chicago is a favorite family vacation spot but we have been there before. I randomly selected Boston for our summer vacation. Okay…so my favorite actress is from there and had done a little tour of the city for the Today Show when we were deciding. Can I help it if no one else in my family pays attention to the Today Show?? We have been researching like crazy on the net. The Princess created a brochure about the city for her computer class project. The Prince is desperately seeking reasonable Red Sox tickets but will most likely be unsucessfull given the date we will be in town. As for me, I learned tonight that DH was not able to get our stay in a vacation club location extended. He’s known for weeks. Heh. Didn’t seem like a good thing to strangle him on Mother’s Day when he’d gifted me with the Flip video camera I had my eye on. Maybe tomorrow…..

Sooooo, I have been on the prowl for a cheap but accessible place for us to stay…near enough to the sights that we don’t have to drive everywhere (my research says that Boston is not an easy city to get around in by car). So far no luck. The more I look, the more confused I get. I am totally boggled by Boston at this point. And all I really wanted to do was soak up some history and channel one of my favorite kid authors by playing here for a little while….

The ‘Still’ Facts Are….

July 19, 2007

1. There is still a lot of sand on Daytona Beach.

2. The afore mentioned sand will still find it’s way into every available orafice when you are playing in the waves on shore.

3. Some people (namely me) are still afraid of shark attacks.

4. Some people (namely my daughter) are still not afraid of shark attacks…or rip tides…or sunburn.

5. The Daytona Drive In Church is still a pleasant way to enjoy a worship service.

6. Sonic still makes the greatest popcorn chicken and cherry/lime slushes in the world.

7. The Daytona Flea Market is still a great way to spend an hour or two….or three.

8. I still can’t find the captioning mode on the television remote that Pop…still…rules with an iron fist.

9. Driving for two days in a car with a mileage obsessed creature who abhors potty stops because they take time that you didn’t know you had married is still…not fun.

10. My mother’s continued recovery from the health issues of a horrendous last summer is still a miracle!


April 12, 2007

When I was eight years old, my parents left my sister and I with Aunt Cleo to spend a week in New York. They were participating in a reunion of my dad’s WWII army division, the Golden Acorn 87th. When they came home my mom was full of tales of cab drivers that cursed one another, buildings so tall they blocked the sun from the streets, the Statue, the UN building, the World’s Fair, wonderful people, the hustle and bustle and exciting sights. My little head was fairly bursting and filled with a longing to see the city myself. I read everything I could about the city…every fictional kids’ book I could get my hands on that was set in old New York and new New York. Anyone ever read ‘The Magic Tunnel’? I think mine was tattered to shreds.

As I grew, so did my desire. When I became enamored with play writing and theater as a pre-teenager, it blossomed even more. The fact that Broadway, Off Broadway and Off Off Broadway were in NYC made it even more enticing. Only a short plane hop away, right? But, always, always ‘life’ stepped in to divert time…and money…. elsewhere. My children have learned to love Chicago, as it is a city closer to us. It’s their ultimate vacation spot. My husband rankles at the thought of crowded streets and traffic jams. But my heart still longs for the streets of New York…..just once.
Last week my younger sister , who – ironically – has never wanted to visit there, came home from chaperoning her daughter’s high school band trip…to New York. Heh. Pay backs for her childhood ‘enlightenment’ to the existence of Santa and the Easter Bunny, no doubt. She came home with tales of crowded streets, hustle and bustle, flowers in street stands, buildings so tall they blocked the sun from the sidewalks, tributes to the life changing 9/11, astounding architecture, testy food, tour guides with sass and memories of a life time. Sigh.
And so the pictures are hers….and readily shared with me. But there is still hope for my ultimate vacation after all. My daughter’s scout troop is contemplating next year’s end of the year event as a ‘weekend in New York’. Loose in New York with a gaggle of 12 year olds? I will be SO there as a prospective chaperone. Till then….and I know it’s trite but…..give my regards to Broadway!

Update….The troop decided that a weekend in Chicago was the way to go. Still had a great time though. I think that I am a TOTAL city bird!