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I ‘heart’ Ben and Jerry’s…

January 4, 2009

My family loves ice cream.  The more the merrier.  Any flavor.  Any style.  I tend to be more particular in my old age.  I only like it if there is fruit involved.  Or maybe nuts.  Or if it’s made into a milk shake…or a float.  A Vernor’s float.  But not my family.  They’d eat it right out of the carton if they didn’t get caught.  Sometimes the amount of their consumation worries me.  Ice cream used to be a special treat….not a food group.

Several years ago my sister tipped us off to something her family had been doing for a while.  Occasionally – for special treats – they would go to the market and each choose their own small pint of Ben and Jerry’s.  Any flavor they like.  That container then becomes that person’s own personal property – to be eaten at will – whenever they want to.   We tried that.  And it worked.  For a while.  I could make MY container last for a month.  Just a spoonful now and then.  The rest of my family would eat half and then put theirs away to eat the rest later.  Well, this last time, ‘later’ meant for breakfast the next morning.  Unbeknownst to me.

We haven’t gotten ice cream like that in a while. 

Then last night we were cruising the frozen food section and discovered this:


3.6 ounce containers of Ben and Jerry’s delight, complete with a small plastic spoon under the removeable cardboard lid.  It’s pricey but four of these little babies cost the same as ONE of the pints we used to purchase.  And you know what?  They were perfect.  Just the right size.   200 calories.  And so cute!

And true to form, I shaved off little bits and let it melt on my tonuge, leaving behind the bits of cherry fruit and chocolate flakes to be savored.  Then I would add another shaving and do the same.  I think I was still eating my 3.6 ounces an hour later.  Hubby dumped his vanilla in the middle of a mini bundt cake from the freezer and sloshed it with strawberries before eating it.  I am not sure how quickly the kids ate their chocolate fudges.

These are definitely going to be the ice cream treats of choice for a while.  We  ‘heart’ Ben and Jerry’s.

But I did email them. 

The plastic spoon?  It’s gotta go.  It’s cute and all but…plastic?  Naw.  We can be more ecologically responsible than that.

But I still ‘heart’ Ben and Jerry’s.