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There’s a NEW Dipsey in town!

February 25, 2009

     Had a wonderful exhausting day today. Dropped the Prince off to school at 7 am and did some ‘power shopping’ with the Princess before dropping her and her nebulizer at school ay 8:00.   Had to go in and fill out the medical paperwork so she could give herself a breathing treatment at noon. Discovered that the band concert we THOUGHT was tonight is actually NEXT Tuesday. Yay!  Signed her up for snowboarding after school, zipped out to the restaurant supply house looking for squeeze ketchup bottles we needed and then went to the television studio to set up for the taping of our FOURTH episode of ‘Dipsey Doodle’s Flower Pot Shop.’  This is the literacy program I write and produce for our school district…..for free.

     My original Dipsey – the wonderfully talented Cally Sevald – has graduated from high school and is working with the Young Americans performance troupe. SOOOoooOO there is a NEW Dipsey in town!!!

p1020188AT is an eighth grader and photographs wonderfully with pink hair, don’t you think??  Taping took all day and we had a wonderful time together.  We were spotlighting the ‘Biscuit’ books by Alyssa Satin Capucilli  with this episode.  We invited a vet – and a gorgeous puppy named Ben – to teach Dipsey and Farmer Bob how to take care of a pet.  The puppy was GORGEOUS….and cute…and loveable…and low key.  And he looked just like Biscuit!  And he tried to eat the set ….  Just gotta LOVE a flower lover.

   Then,  being the glutton for punishment that I am, I picked the Princess up at basketball practice and  took her to the ski slopes for one last harrah of a snowboarding session. Three hours later, I am home and nearing exhaustion.

But sometimes exhaustion can be exhilerating.

Probably going to be rethinking that in the morning.