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The Best Christmas Gifts Ever

December 31, 2008


Eh…the picture turned out a little blurry .  Sorry about that.  You can still see the red heart.    They were lost amongst the i-pods and clothes and remote control helicopters.   I had to rescue them from the mass of candy and socks and new underwear in stockings.  They are the best Christmas gifts ever.  An after thought tacked on to a quickie shopping trip.  An off hand purchase found on a stroll through the school supplies looking for the mechanical pencils that the Prince loves.  A gift to them from me….and given back to me.  Two little leather bound books with an elastic strap to hold them shut.  My intention is to write something in each of them, every day, for a year.  Nothing big or philosophical.  Just an account of daily events they might not remember.  It’s an idea I got from my parents when they gave me a notebook last summer with an account of my first trip to Florida when I was three years old….fifty years ago.  Yes…it was falling apart…and it was so much fun to read. 

In this upcoming year my son will turn 15, is facing driver’s ed, another soccer team and another year of high school.  My daughter will be turning 14  and that brings a myriad of  things she may want to remember….or forget.  If I were writing in them today I would write about her disappointment that a power outage has closed her favorite indoor skate park…until Monday.  And she has a new skateboard to try out.   I would write about his absolute delight that I consented to purchase another goalie jersey and ‘kit’ from his favorite website – in exchange for the cash he got for Christmas.  Not a huge deal but he KNOWS how much I hate to carry cash.  It flows from my pocketbook like water. 

I am not sure who is going to have more fun with this ‘gift.’  Will it be me – taking a few minutes before I go to bed to contemplate the most important event of my children’s day?  Or will it theirs when the books appear again in their hands – holding a whole year’s worth of memories??    For the next 365 days, it will definitely be mine.  I can’t wait!

Happy New Year!