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Christmas 2009…Part 5….Better and better…..

January 5, 2010

It wasn’t until the Sunday AFTER Christmas that all of her doctors and nurses consulted and were finally able to get my mother off her ventilator.  By that time the sedation had worn of…sort of.  She managed to maintain a steady oxygen level on her own.  She was fighting the vent.  So they did it.

And dang, if this tough old bird hadn’t used up ANOTHER of her nine lives.

She was hungry.  And she let everyone know it.  She wanted her Christmas presents.  And she let everyone know it.  And she wanted to see pictures……of what she had missed.

Her color was so much better.  Her demeanor, even more so.  She kidded with her doctors, teased her nurses and verbally sparred with all of her visitors.  THIS was the mother I knew best.  She was moved from the ICU to a step down room so it was easier for people to come and see her.  And remember that stint in the sleet while I was boldly protecting my guys from traffic as they changed a flat tire??  Gave HRH and I both a cold.  I was diligent about wearing a mask in my mother’s room so as to not compromise her precarious health.  Breathing in those very germs that I would usually have been fighting off.  Sniff…cough.  But, life was good.

Until our attention turned elsewhere…..

The Princess has suffered from asthma for about six years now.  Its usually seasonal.  Happens when there is an irritating change in her world.  She uses an inhaler and a nebulizer which generally accompanies us on overnights.  On rare occasions we need to se the doctor for steroids.  Heh.  Left her meds at home… we charged from cold and snowy midwestern winter to cool and damp southern winter.  Off we went to the ER – with my sister at the wheel – at the very hospital my mother was at.

For three hours we dealt with intake exams, albueterol treatments, prednesone pills and chest x-rays (to rule out pneumonia).  She totally charmed her nurse, the respiratory therapist, the x-ray technician (‘feel better sweetheart’…aww) and her very young, gorgeously tanned and handsome doctor who took one look at her tee shirt, shoes and clothes and asked if she liked color or something. : )  All the while she was playing with her i-pod touch and the hospital’s WiFi.  We did Bible verse searches where I managed to amaze her by pinpointing where a verse came from.  Thank you required Christian College Bible Classes!  And we had a blast sharing  our favorite scenes and lines from her new favorite movie – ‘Miss Congeniality’ with Sandra Bullock.  I seriously do NOT know how this one slipped by my tomboyish FBI agent wannabee.  She found a video tape in my parents’ collection and had watched it pretty continously in the prior days.  And just in case it slipped by you as well, the movie is about a tomboyish FBI agent turned beauty pageant contestant who manages to make friends and save the world from a mad bomber.  And you really haven’t enjoyed the movie till you have heard this 14 year old purr the Bullock lines  “You liiiikkkkke meeee….You want to daaaate me…..” and then chortle with laughter when she tells how Benjamin Bratt’s character unwraps a Snickers bar and stuffs it in his mouth in response.  Hilarious.

Christmas 2009…..Part 1

December 29, 2009

Okay….so I was doing a little whining about not having enough of the ‘Christmas spirit’ this year.   I was shuffling through my usual holiday depression and trying to plan for an out of state trip to visit my parents.  I was in the midst of a busy week trying to contain 700+ students in heightened state of  ‘school vacation/holiday gift getting excitement.’  I was purchasing and packing for a trip that would take 24 hours of driving.  I was exhausted.  We took a day to relax and then hit the road at 4:30 am for the first leg of our journey.  All was well.

Until this happened.

We were just 60 seconds out of Berea, Kentucky…..on the curve of an interstate highway…in the sleeting rain.

So we did a little of this…..

And this…..

And this……

And this……

And this……..

And some more of this……

…..until we were back on the road an hour later.  Why no pictures of the finished task?  It was too flipping cold.  Cars and trucks were whipping by too fast and too numerous for MY comfort. And I had been standing on the very edge of the road hoping drivers would see ME as they wouldn’t be able to see THEM. Was just about blown over by a trucker or two.  Sheesh!

Our holiday ‘adventure’ begins……..