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4th Graders….gotta love ’em

January 6, 2009

Because of the way another ‘specials’ teacher handled the report card madness last year, we have new guidelines.  Every grade on the specials report card needs to be backed up by TWO assessment grades.  Official assessments.  And that’s a little daunting when you have SO. MANY. STUDENTS.  Count ’em up.  723 now.  For 45 minute sessions.  Once a week.  Heh.

Anyway, a handful of my students neglected to save their various technology projects and when I started working on their assessments from their saved work (a skill I also needed to assess), there was nothing there.  Hence their report cards reflected that.

Unhappiness abounded.  Emails from parents were exchanged.  One, in particular, I was especially concerned about.  I KNOW the kid was a good student.  I KNOW the kid could do what was assigned.  He was bright and VERY excited about what we were doing in technology.  I had seen his work.  He had taken home printed versions.  But they weren”t in his saved folder.  By all reports he was very disappointed in his grade.  His self esteem had taken quite a hit.  And that’s hard to deal with when it happens to one of your favorites.   I didn’t see him in class  again after report cards were sent home.

Knowing how upset he was, I worried about what his demeanor would be when we returned from our two week holiday break.  I thought about it often myself.   Stressed about it actually.  Wondered how to get him rolling again.  Wondered if his interest in my class would be sustained.  Wondered if the excitement would still be there.  But I needn’t have worried.

Three classes of 4th graders filed through my computer lab this afternoon.  Each student set up a four page power point project.  We added a title and a background, inserted a picture and a question about the picture….created both a positive and negative response slide and then….wonder of wonders….we learned how to add an ‘action button’ to make it an interactive project.  Holy cow!  It was the coolest thing ever!  Excitement was burbling from every single computer station.  I love a lesson like that!   We just had to applaud because everyone’s first action button worked….just as it was supposed to. 

And then we ran out of time.  Had to save those projects to finish next time.  I warned them all.  Told them the new rule in the Tech Lab was to save everything.  I glanced over at my buddy when I said that.  Got a sheepish, cockeyed grin and a knowing nod of  a tow head as his eyes met mine and then he punched all the right keys to save the project.  Everything was just fine.

Amazing how forgiving a 4th grader can be. 

Just gotta love ’em…..