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Flippin’ the Freaking Switch

February 10, 2009

Okay.  It’s been about 6 months.  My almost 2 year old laptop has been on the fritz.  First, the wireless internet connection was working perfectly.  And then it began to work only when I had it plugged into the wall.  And then it only worked when I had it plugged into a certain switch next to the Lazy Boy chair in the livingroom.  Then internet connections quit working on my laptop altogether.  It was aggravating but I could still use our desktop computer for internet activities.  But I kept asking HRH to see how we could fix it.  He finally called his twin – the Computer Meister  – who installed our wireless system.  Their telephone…ahem…conversation was ….ahem….curtailed.  Computer Geek vs Computer Geek Wannabee?  Not good.  HRH was frustrated.  He sent emails.  He sent instant messages.  He printed PAGES of instructions.  He finally gave up and set the whole issue aside for a while.  Well,  I was going through those papers one day recently.  At the very top of the Acer instructions he’d printed, it said to make sure the ‘internet switch on the front of the computer was on.’ 


And they trust ME to teach computer skills????