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For 15 minutes…..

December 18, 2008

     I have written before about my daughter’s aversion to dolls.  How we found all the Barbie dolls she received as gifts when she arrived from Russia stuffed under her bed.  How she refused to keep a collector doll in her room because it was ‘staring at her.’  How she screeched at the top of her lungs to ‘get me outta here this place is freaking me out!’ when we visited the Chicago American Girl store for the first time when she was seven.  How she became physically ill when we went back there with her girl scout buddies last February.  Lord knows I have tried to turn her into a doll lover.  Poor kid happens to have a mom who loves dolls.  Dolls of any kind.  Still.  But alas….her heart belongs to soccer balls and skateboards and anything that goes fast.  But for one brief 15 minute period tonight, I had the little girl I thought I was destined to have.  Brief.  15. Minutes.

     A box arrived on our porch tonight.  A box from the American Girl Company.  A box with Bitty Twins destined for my stepdaughter’s own almost four year old  twins.   A gift for Hanukkah.  We opened the box and oooed and aahed over them.  We undid the trappings that kept them safe in shipping.  I wondered about the size.  I sent my daughter for the plastic box in her closet that holds her own Bitty Baby. 

     She found it.  Way up high and way in the back.  Found some other things too.  But – for once –  it was the Bitty Baby that held her attention.  And all the outfits that we collected for it over the years trying to turn her into a doll lover.  So for 15 minutes we played with her baby doll.  And then it was stuffed back in the box and put back in the closet.  Up high and way in the back.  Sigh. 

     But….I have  pictures!



First she was really into matching outfits and shoes.




And then she decided that matching was SO…last year.




And that bitty socks could be put to good use!