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I gave them a choice…..

April 20, 2009





Once in a while – in my line of work – something just comes along to tickle your funny bone.  It was a drab and rainy Monday morning today.  I had three classes of second graders before lunch and it was time to do a report card assessment piece.  They were to create a poster using Microsoft Word.  They were directed to finish a sentence, center the text, change and enlarge the font, add their name in a smaller font, insert, center and resize a picture.  They could use color and/or Word Art if they chose.  They were to print their work and save a copy to their files.  Their ability to do those things were all I cared about.  Spelling and subject matter was not really an issue.  Spell checking is our next BIG lesson anyway. 

I gave them a choice.    The sentence they were to finish was a toss up between ‘It is important to RECYCLE because…’ or ‘It is important to Save Animals because….’ 

I had 78 papers to grade.   I wanted to do them quickly because the four 4th grade classes in the afternoon had a more involved project that would need grading.  Sooo….I was flipping through papers, checking off the five things I was assessing when I came across the work of a sweet little blue eyed blonde.  Stopped my green marker (it’s an Earth Day project after all) in it’s tracks and drew a gut busting chuckle.

“It’s important to

Save Animals

because if we don’t they will all

dye and We WilL have to be