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June 22, 2009

I never was much of a test taker.  Well, maybe I was.  I just wasn’t good at studying.  Go over the material a couple of times, ace the test and then forget about it.  I do not know why the Facebook quizzes intrique me.  I take them if they look like fun.  I NEVER pass them along to other Facebook friends.  I NEVER post my answers either.  I just store the information away for an occasional chuckle.  They’re not really REAL after all…..are they?  I mean, Me?  A mom most like Sharon Osborne??  Go figure.

      However, according to the list I recently started keeping I should be living in New York City (that’s a no brainer…LOL), I would be Sky Blue in a box of crayons (rats! I really wanted to be Dandelion!), I am 23% fun and suffer from Paranoia disorder.  My Psychic Reading makes me ‘Windows to Your Soul’ (whatever the frick that means) and I know 100% about the community I grew up in.  I am gifted with ‘Precognition’ (knowlege of future events – which I suppose is how I know what is going to happen to a certain 15 year old who responds ‘no’ when asked to do a simple chore around the house), am “Very Liberal’ (what??)  and should be rooting for the New York Yankees.   I favor ‘Outdoorsmen’ in mates, am a ‘Healer’ in my life’s purpose and would be a box of ‘Mixed Chocolates’ if I were a candy.   I would be ‘Dancing Barbie.’   The Musical Leading Lady most like me is ‘Sandy’ from ‘Grease’ and the movie musical of my life would be ‘Footloose.’  And here is the one I love….the leading man I should be married to is Brad Pitt and the ‘Friends’ character most like me is ‘Rachel’.  Heh.  Brad and Jen together again…..but only in my mixed up chocolate box, paranoid, sky blue, Yankee rooting , Osborne, New York City state of mind.

Life is good!