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Home From the Holidays

December 30, 2008

There is something sort of surreal about spending a holiday great distances away from home.  In someone else’s home, with someone else’s tree and someone else’s life style.  NICE…but surreal.  For us it was a 13 hour drive to my sister’s home in South Carolina.  It’s been several years since we have done the drive on this particular holiday.  We left Michigan at 3 am with waist deep snow drifts in our yard.  It was cold.  It was blowy.  And then 13 hours later we were enscounced in a motel room taking showers and marveling at the warm weather.  My parents had driven up from their home in Florida.  We ate wonderful meals, attended a wonderful Christmas Eve church service, unwrapped wonderful, thoughtful gifts,  played games, watched movies together, pondered the balmy SC weather, went shopping and headed home again.

It was interesting to make the trip with two teenagers and the dog .  Both kids were plugged into their i-pods or watching movies on the little dvd player.  An impulse $9.95 Cracker Barrel purchase of the entire first season of  ‘The Cosby Show’ was the best investment ever.  It was fun to hear them giggling and outright laughing in the back seat.   On the way home I stuffed their little heads with WWII information as we watched ‘Band of Brothers’ together. 

But the neatest part of the trip?  HRH spent his Christmas gift money on a GPS system.  Now, I am a google map quest person.   Hubby swears by AAA Trip Tix.   I never saw the need for another mapping system.   I thought this would be just another ‘man toy.’  Yet the rationalization of all the soccer fields we have to drive to made the purchase make a teeny bit of sense.    The trip home was actually….boring….since I didn’t need to consult a map for him every five seconds.  I actually read an entire book without being interrupted.  An ENTIRE book!

And our new little computer friend is totally cute.  She has a bit of a British accent, can evolve into a wing flapping bird, a car or a pair of walking feet at will.  She tells you how far to go before making a turn, when to make that turn and if you get off your beaten track for a burger or potty stop, she insistently tells you to “make U turn when possible.”   I almost wanted to make a few stops just to hear her pleasantly implore to get back on track.  We are still trying to figure out a name for her.  Actually ‘Computer’ seems to fit for this family of ‘Trekkers.’ 

Welcome to the family, Computer!  Can’t wait to take you on another trip…..heh.